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WOW! First Photos Of Trump’s MASSIVE Border Wall LEAKED – Construction Has Begun, America!

The border between the U.S. and Mexico is enormous and snakes along 1,954 miles.

And all along that border, our patrol agents have been subject to all sorts of horrific dangers. Not to mention the dangers illegals pose to American citizens on a daily basis.

For years, America demanded that Barack Obama take action.

In response, Obama’s Department of Justice sued the states involved in attempting to protect themselves by upholding federal immigration laws and the Constitution.

Obama and his faithful lapdog media, as well as the Leftist and RINO Congress members, plotted against the wishes of the American people in order to provide the Lefties with a voting bloc and the RINOs with cheap labor.

Then Donald Trump crashed onto the scene like a two-hundred-pound gorilla and trashed all the Establishmentarians.  He promised to increase border security with more agents and that controversial border wall.

Well, it’s happening: The wall’s pieces are finally coming into place, a mere 100+ days into Trump’s presidency.

U.S. Herald:

“Naco, Arizona has reported that 7 1/2 miles of flimsy pedestrian fencing has been now replaced by a massive steel border wall

Border agents actually prefer the slits because they allow them to see any threats on the other side while being at the ground level.

While other areas of the border will surely have a ‘brick and mortar’ wall, it was widely missed in the passed budget plan that Trump received over $1.5 billion to improve border control including replacing flimsy fencing with steel wall.

No illegal will be able to scale this wall. 

This is a sound barrier that will not only stop illegals who attempt to get over or under this wall but it will serve as a major deterrent that will stop illegals from even trying to get across the border in the first place.”

With the final piece of the 7.5 mile stretch of wall being fitted into place, we’ve only got a mere 1,946.5 miles to go.

But at least it’s happening!

Source:  U.S. Herald

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