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BURN – Former Muslim Goes On Live TV, Drops 2 BRUTAL Words Libs Did NOT Want To Hear! [WATCH]

Say someone comes up to you as you’re leaving your house and says, “Hey, if you give me a dollar, I won’t punch you in the mouth.”

Well, you laugh it off, thinking it’s some sort of joke, right? You step around the guy and he punches you in the mouth!

It’s sort of like when you elect someone based entirely on political correctness and “sending a message,” only to find out AFTERWARD about his horrifying past

But anyway, back to the analogy at hand.

Next day, same thing: “Hey, if you give me a dollar, I won’t punch you in the mouth.” This time, you feel your swollen jaw and say, “Okay,” and hand him the dollar. He proceeds to punch you in the mouth!

And today, instead of calling the police, you decide, “Well, I’ll just tolerate this and hopefully that’ll be the end of it.”

Next day (you know where I’m going with this, don’t you?) the guy shows up at your doorstep again. “Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. But if I give you two dollars, will you not punch me in the mouth?”

He smirks and answers, “Sure!” So you give him the two bucks and BAM! He punches you in the mouth!

Tolerance appears to get you nowhere quick. People like Ann Coulter have dropped the disturbing truth on America multiple times, but nobody seems to get it. Maybe it’s because she’s a white Conservative.

Okay, liberals. Check this out, via Yes I’m Right:

“It’s no secret that the leftist liberals believe themselves to be champions of peace, love, tolerance, and equal rights for minorities and women. In reality, they are the exact opposite of all of those things.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a woman’s rights activist. You’d think she would be aligned with the left’s agenda and opinions right? She was also raised Muslim so that’s more evidence to the fact that she’s a radical leftist right?

Wrong. Totally wrong. She has grown up seeing the evils and backwards ideology of Islam as a whole. And now she’s PISSED and is speaking out about it after the London terror attack.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticized what she considered the ‘apologetic attitude’ some liberals around the world have toward identifying the religious component to Islamic terrorism.


Ali, a women’s rights activist who was raised Muslim in Somalia but later became an apostate, called such a mindset ‘masochistic and stupid.’

She said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that radical Islamic terrorists ‘don’t go to liberals and say thank you so much, we’ll stop terrorizing you’ because of some on the left refuse to identify terrorism’s religious component.

Ali said that President Trump’s Youngstown, Ohio campaign speech first showed her that he took the terror threat seriously, and selectively praised his travel ban.”

Coming from someone who has lived under Sharia law, this is a powerful statement.

Liberals take note: everything you abhor lies under Sharia law. There’s a very big reason why this poll ended up with overwhelmingly one-sided voting…and it has nothing to do with “intolerance.”

It’s time you get a clue and begin examining your own perverted and deviant reasons for ignoring the great evil in that society and attempting to make excuses for a culture that believes YOU are the problem.

Stop allowing Islam to punch you in the face.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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