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FRAUD! Former Obama Crony Breaks 8-Year Silence, Exposes Barack’s FILTHIEST LIE!

Hillary, Obama, and multiple other Democrat clods actually wanted to put “climate change deniers” behind bars.

It is beyond bizarre science-fiction when people who are making money hand-over-fist through a gigantic Green Ponzi scheme are demanding that everyone believe or suffer the consequences.

Like some strange page ripped from “1984,” this Orwellian nightmare is playing out in the Democrat playbook today.

The evidence notwithstanding, pundits like Al Gore continue to push their agenda, all the while draining MASSIVE amounts of cash from the global economy. I mean, $15 TRILLION? …please.

But we’ve been onto their scam for a while now.

And a former Department of Energy undersecretary is blowing the whistle on the Obama administration and their scientific data surrounding “global warming.”

The Libertarian Republic:

A former member of the Obama administration claims Washington D.C. often uses ‘misleading’ news releases about climate data to influence public opinion.

Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin told The Wall Street Journal Monday that bureaucrats within former President Barack Obama’s administration spun scientific data to manipulate public opinion.

‘What you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong,’ Koonin said, referring to elements within the Obama administration he said were responsible for manipulating climate data.”

In the world of science, where empirical evidence is supposed to trump all other fact (including a so-called “consensus”), it is no wonder that Obama and his cronies were cheating.

When it comes to telling the truth, we all know that Obama was no honest Abe. His lies, deceit and corruption and have become legendary.

However, to direct his staff to lie and manipulate climate data in order to force laws through Congress is unconscionable.

Leave it to Liberals to find new ways to lie, right?

Sources: The Libertarian Republic, The Wall Street Journal

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