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Gay Mayor Has 1 Nasty Skeleton In His Closet, But Sick Liberals Keep Covering It Up

There are a lot of controversial issues surrounding the gay community, but there’s one in particular that’s very dark and troubling.

We’re not allowed to discuss it, or even begin to think that it might be true. This, despite the lives and welfare of children being at stake.

It’s the combination of the alarming rate of gays that were sexually abused as children, and the number of them that also sexually abuse children.

Certainly, a lot of people are aware of the phenomenon, but it’s not something the Left allows us to talk about.

Even so, example after example continues to emerge, showing that such a problem is disproportionately present amongst the gay community.

As reported at Allen B. West, an Oregon child-welfare investigator concluded that Ed Murray, Seattle’s gay mayor, sexually abused his foster son in the early 1980s, leading state officials to assert that “under no circumstances should Mr. Murray be certified” as a foster parent in the future.

This, according to records obtained by the Seattle Times. Talk about harsh punishment…abuse a child and only have your foster parent privileges taken away.

But this information now has Murray fighting for his mayoral position.

And in light of recent evidence, City Council member M. Lorena González said in a statement Monday she’s asked Murray to consider stepping down before his term expires at the end of the year.

If the mayor chooses not to resign, then she wants the council to convene a committee no later than July 24 “to determine if a transition in executive leadership is merited under these circumstances.

The crazy thing is, Gonzalez is the most concerned about the abuse allegations, as other council members have urged “caution” over any actions.

Council member Tim Burgess called it premature for the council to consider removing Murray and Council member Sally Bagshaw told her colleagues to “avoid grandstanding” on the issue. Looks like these folks really are full of integrity!

But it gets even worse. Murray issued a statement saying he would defy any calls for his resignation.

I continue to believe such a course of action would not be in the city’s best interest,” he said.

My administration and I continue to govern the city effectively, and I am proud that we continue to deliver results that will improve the lives of the people of Seattle.”

Newly released records, previously thought destroyed, show that an Oregon child-welfare investigator concluded in 1984 Murray had sexually abused his foster son, Jeffrey Simpson, when Simpson was a teenager.


Murray denies the allegations, and highlighted the fact that he was never charged for the supposed crimes.

However, the reason for the prosecution’s restraint wasn’t because they thought he was innocent. Rather, the case was withdrawn because of his son’s troubled personality.

Council President Bruce Harrell seems to have no concerns over Murray’s past crimes. He’s said that he should keep his job, regardless of the abuse.

“If I see examples of him abdicating his responsibilities, not working hard, and not making sure a smooth transition occurs, I would ask for his resignation.

But I have no basis to believe that at all today,” Harrell said.

But Harrell has taken it a step further, saying that no one should have to be judged today for what he or she did decades ago.”

Harrell’s attitude is par for the course when it comes to leftists. Which is why people like Bill Ayers, a literal terrorist, is allowed to roam free brainwashing youths as a professor.

When you’re on their team, you can do whatever you please, so long as you remain useful to the cause.

Source: Allen B. West

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