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Corrupt Leftist PIG George Soros Hit With $10 BILLION Bombshell – He’s Going DOWN!

Convicted billionaire financier George Soros has once again proven that if there’s a law to be broken, he’s your man!

Soros has become a household name when it comes to meddling in the affairs of other countries, and he’s ever the champion of the Left.

He is also a self-styled Nazi and an anti-American pig that backs violent uprisings, which is why he needs to go DOWN.

If you weren’t aware, the man is a virtual anti-Semitic weapon of mass destruction when it comes to financing the economic and political collapse of Israel.

He has focused much of his efforts on a particular Jew, fellow billionaire Beny Steinmetz, whose mining company BSG Resources has been a thorn in the side of Soros for decades.

Many long years ago, Steinmetz was accused by Soros of stealing a contract right out from under him in Russia. That grudge has been fueling this animosity for years.

So, when Steinmetz’s company decided to go into business in the small West African nation of Guinea, Soros went to work.

Soros pulled the strings of his favorite puppet, Barack Obama, who then unleashed the Department of Justice on Steinmetz.

Fox News:

“After the Soros-backed probe claimed evidence of bribery against BSG, the U.S. Department of Justice convened a grand jury to look into the case. Critics say it is an example of Soros using his political clout to further his goals.

The Obama DOJ intimidated the government of Guinea to charge BSG exorbitant mining license fees in the multi-millions of dollars.

When Steinmetz refused to pay the extra fees, Guinea government officials pulled his mining permits and ordered him to cease his operations.


Steinmetz has retaliated with a $10 BILLION lawsuit designed to expose Soros’ underhanded business schemes and his unprecedented access to the Obama administration and the Democrat Party.

“J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney under the Obama administration who is now president of Public Interest Legal Foundation, told Fox News Soros had the Obama DOJ at his beck and call.

‘Soros’ organizations in the U.S. were instrumental in shaping DOJ policy under the Obama administration,’ Adams said, noting allegations that Soros was involved in police procedures and voter ID rules across the nation.

Americans do not understand the extent to which Soros fuels this anti-constitutional, anti-American agenda.’”

Here’s to Steinmetz and his attempts to shine the light of truth on this charlatan.

And here’s hoping President Donald Trump will continue to halt Soros in his tracks, because frankly, we need Washington to run interference. Soros is an enemy, NOT an ally.

Source:  Fox News

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