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Illegal-Loving George Soros Screws Over American Taxpayers, And Trump Can’t BELIEVE It!

Just yesterday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a comprehensive plan to put the needs of illegals ahead those of actual citizens.

The crime rate, unemployment rate, school drop-out rate, departing businesses, budget deficit, cop-killings, murder rate, etc., be damned!

“We’ve got illegals and refugees to dole out welfare to!”

As you might expect, taxpayers are none too pleased. And neither is President Donald Trump, who has been battling this problem since Day One.

Now it’s Baltimore’s turn to screw over American taxpayers and give “undocumented residents” benefits they absolutely shouldn’t have.

And surprise, surprise…billionaire Leftist lover George Soros is at the core of the matter. We’re sort of hoping that $10 billion lawsuit takes a giant chunk out of that guy’s butt, honestly.

But in the meantime, he will continue to fund things like this:

The Daily Caller:

“The city of Baltimore and a private nonprofit have established a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants in deportation proceedings, in hopes of attracting more immigrants to the shrinking city.

The city has partnered with a nonprofit called the Open Society Institute of Baltimore and raised $500,000 to provide illegals facing deportation proceedings with legal aid.

Open Society groups were founded and are chaired by liberal financier George Soros.”

The city’s population has declined in recent years and it’s attributed to “white flight,” which of course is another way for liberals to blame white people for the world’s ills.

So, to be clear, unlike Chicago where the mayor is burdening taxpayers to foot the bill, in Maryland, Soros will gladly foot the bill…as long as the taxpayers then dole out the welfare checks to follow.

And in the end, directly or indirectly, taxpayers ALWAYS have to pay.

Source: The Daily Caller

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