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WOAH: Newt Gingrich Drops HUMONGOUS Bombshell On Obama…Liberals Are LIVID!

Could a library still be a library if it didn’t have books?

Plans for a grand spectacle of an Obama Presidential Library (no doubt complete with Roman-style pillars) may be scaled back by the time Donald Trump is done repairing the stupendous damage to the United States. If Trump has his way, that library would have a single vestibule.

It’s the proper payback. For months, Obama threw countless roadblocks in Trump’s way, despite his LIE about wanting a “smooth transition.” So Trump going after Obama’s legacy only makes sense.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was on the Sean Hannity show on Monday night and was being questioned about why our own president felt the compulsion to trash this country in every way, shape and form, while maintaining that things under his administration were markedly better than they were under previous presidents.

Western Journalism:

His whole life is a fantasy,” responded Gingrich. “For him to behave the way he does, he has to be a combination of bitterly hostile to traditional America and living in a fantasy world.”

“Why is their bias so much against traditional values and so much against defending America?” Gingrich asked rhetorically.

“From his [Obama’s] standpoint, maybe it’s been a great eight years, because, you know, he got to go on vacation, he had a big house… maybe people were suffering and maybe we were losing in the Middle East, but it didn’t bother him very much,” he suggested.

“Everything he learned at Columbia undergraduate school from left wing, anti-American professors, he has lived out that kind of a life… You were the only person [Hannity] that, I confess at times I thought you went to far and I was clearly wrong, you were the only person in the summer of 2008 that knew what he was doing,” he added.

“If Barack Obama had set out to deliberately undermine and weaken America, what has he missed? I mean what else would he have done? It is unimaginable how much damage he has done,” Gingrich said.

Truer words have never been spoken. The lunatic behavior of the president just invites more lunacy from his loyal subjects. They feed off each other like freakish, incestuous tapeworms attached to the underbelly of society. And anyway, we love watching Gingrich rip into liberals.

Hannity went on questioning the former Speaker about how Obama ruled by executive fiat and that Trump would be busy in his first few days to undo all of the corrosive measures the president has installed to stymie the nation’s growth, punish people of “White privilege”, damage our national security, and threaten those who hold themselves up as Christians.

“I describe him as the incredible shrinking man, it’s like watching air come out of a balloon, between now and Easter his legacy will shrink until it’s about the size of a golf ball,” Gingrich responded.

Boo-yah! That is really what we miss most about having a Speaker of the House with some chutzpah! The ability to nail Liberals to the wall with their own lies, half-truths, and innuendo.

The racist ways of the Obama White House are evaporating before our very eyes. Tomorrow afternoon, every American will sleep more secure.

Source: Western Journalism

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