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BOOM: Newt Gingrich Drops Bombshell Prediction About Obama’s Legacy…This Is Brutal!

The bad news about President Obama is he put in place damaging, devastating, burdensome, costly and unconstitutional provisions pretty much every week of his presidency, from day one all the way up to year eight of his two terms.

The good news?

That most of his pet programs, brought to fruition absent congressional approval and with simply an executive level order or dictate, will crumble with the new administration.

Furthermore, Barack Obama’s entire legacy will not leave a lasting impression on Americans, which is probably a good thing, as the more we learn about this man’s presidential reign, the happier we are to forget. And forget we will.

That’s according to one of the nation’s foremost political insiders, who’s both worked in the halls of high power in Congress and in the media, both as a pundit and analyst on the current goings-on on Capitol Hill. As The Hill reported:

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Obama’s legacy will disappear within a year of him leaving office.”

What a relief to conservatives everywhere. We’re pretty sick and tired of hearing about this guy, aren’t we? And his “legacy” is nothing more than scandal after scandal.

During a Fox News segment, Gingrich criticized Obama’s rather ridiculous remarks – ridiculous, because they’re so hypocritical – aimed at Donald Trump, in which he told the President-elect to stick with legislative OKs for his policy preferences, rather than go through the executive order route.

But that’s a kettle calling the pot black, for sure.

And Gingrich picked up on it immediately.

“What you’re watching is a man who realizes all of a sudden 90 percent of his legacy is going to disappear because he didn’t do the hard work of passing legislation,” Gingrich said.

Really, all Trump has to do on day one of his White House term is repeal the orders.

Gingrich described the happy thought this way, in The Hill:

“It’s going to be like one of those balloons that deflates and [goes] down to a core to 10 to 15 percent of what he originally did. The rest is going to disappear within a year.”

Oh, what a cheery thought all that is.

And Trump’s retake of the political system from a man who did nothing but snub his nose at the whole constitutional notion that helped shape America’s greatness can’t come fast enough.

Source: The Hill, Fox News

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