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Gingrich Calls Donald Trump’s Twitter Strategy “Brilliant”…Do You Agree? [VOTE NOW]

Donald Trump may be 70 years old, but he knows enough about technology to outwit the legions of Leftists who are out for his blood.

According to the latest figures, there are a whopping 317 million users on Twitter monthly. Trump’s political opponents (which is basically the entire mainstream media, the Democratic Party, 99.9% of Hollywood & celebritydom, RINOs and fake Conservatives) have been hammering him on his excessive use of Twitter, claiming that it’s “unpresidential”…which is interesting considering they never, ever before made any bones about members of their own side tweeting.

Newt Gingrich, who is acting in the capacity of a personal counselor to the President-elect, was on the Fox News Sunday and told Chris Wallace that he believed that Trump’s use of Twitter was brilliant.

Via Huffington Post:

“I think it’s brilliant because first of all he’s able very quickly, over and over again, to set the agenda,” Gingrich responded.

In addition to being able to set the agenda, as the former House Speaker points out, Trump is also able to thwart the mainstream media’s common practice of distorting what the Republican message is and use the old Liberal Playbook that allows news “journalists” to insert devious and underhanded commentary in the hopes of shaping public opinion.

But do you agree with Gingrich? VOTE NOW!


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