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Bombshell: GOP Going To WAR After Democrats Threaten Trump Cabinet…This Is Explosive!

After Democrats swore they’d target specific members of Donald Trump’s cabinet, Americans hoped the GOP would respond.

And so they have. In a BIG way.

We all knew the Left wouldn’t go away quietly, so nobody should’ve been too surprised by the above-linked news. And we also shouldn’t have been surprised by the Dem’s underhanded, thug-like tactics because evidently, it’s the only tactic they know.

However, despite their best efforts, they’re going to run into wall after all in their attempts to stop Trump…and the GOP will be throwing up those walls at a rapid clip.

In fact, according to a new Politico report, Senate Republicans have said they’re hitting back; they fully intend to make the Dem’s “delay tactics” as frustrating as humanly possible. In fact, Senator John Thune took it one step further, saying the GOP will do “whatever it takes” to get Trump’s team confirmed ASAP.

See, Democrats are threatening to drag out the confirmation process but the GOP won’t stand for it; they’re going to “keep the chamber running around the clock” if that’s what needs to happen. So yeah, all-night sessions, 3 a.m. votes, the whole nine. “Whatever it takes.”

Said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas:

The Senate can stay in session around the clock; we can stay through the weekend. If [Democrats] want to stay here and demonstrate that they’re obstructionists rather than try to work in good faith … then I think they’ll pay a price for that.

Awesome. Exactly what needed to be said.

The battle is about to begin and with Trump’s inauguration day right around the corner, things are definitely heating up. Just as a reminder, Democrats can’t unilaterally block Trump’s cabinet picks, but they can make this a painful process. They can also force the Senate to do some confirmation committee hearings, which can also extend things.

But the good news is that the GOP is onto these pathetic tactics and they’re primed and ready to fight.

Source: Politico

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