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WARNING: World ‘Hacktivist’ Group Drops HORRIFYING Bombshell On U.S. – WAR Is Inevitable!

If you didn’t already know, the infamous hacktivist group known as Anonymous loves to stir people up.

Of course, not all their warnings or threats hold water, but when they cite specific details that have been mirrored in recent news, we should probably pay attention.

Can you say, “World War III?”

That’s what Anonymous believes is lurking on the horizon for the U.S. and North Korea, according to a new video the group just released to the Internet. See it below.

Most recently, we heard from a military insider that North Korea is poised to strike the U.S. homeland with an electromagnetic (EMP) blast, which would theoretically cripple our forces.

Now it appears other pieces are being moved around, and all these pieces indicate the same dire event: War.

Via New York Post:

The infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has released a chilling new video — urging people across the globe to ‘prepare’ for World War 3 — as the US and North Korea continue to move ‘strategic pieces into place’ for battle.

‘All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing,’ the group says in the ominous six-minute clip, posted on YouTube over the weekend.

Using their signature Guy Fawkes character, the hackers make several claims about recent military movements in the region — and alleged warnings made by Japan and South Korea about imminent nuclear attacks from the North — as they deliver their frightening prophecy.

‘Watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place,’ the organization says, in its notorious robotic voice. ‘

But unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.


It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economical levels.

Furthermore, Anonymous claims Trump’s test of the Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile last week is more proof that we will see a “major conflict.”

China is also involved, which means that “three superpowers” are now involved, and the results could be potentially catastrophic.

…then again, let’s not forget that this particular group thrives on generating fear and anxiety, and rumors are the best way to cultivate such fear. On the flip side, North Korea has rolled out some pretty terrifying weaponry.

Maybe the world really SHOULD be bracing for impact.

Source: New York Post

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