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American High Schools Now Banning 1 Traditional Award, Due To ‘Unhealthy Competition’

A trophy for everyone!

That’s the liberal mantra and it has gotten us far, wouldn’t you say?

America has fallen so far off the pace in terms of education, you don’t even want to guess where we rank globally. And yet, we continue to move in the wrong direction.

You’ve probably heard about the snowflake-induced idea of eliminating grades from schools; that idea has been bounced around for decades, and some schools did try it (with terrible results, by the way).

Well, now here’s another “everyone is great!” concept put forth by “progressives,” which will only serve to further hamper the potential of our youth.

As reported by the Associated Press, more than half of the country’s high schools have stopped reporting class rankings to colleges and universities, and now they want to ditch another tradition:


Well, to clarify, valedictorian isn’t disappearing; it’s merely being bestowed upon more than one individual.

Via IJR:

Many high schools across America are abandoning the long-held graduation tradition of awarding the top academic student with the distinction of valedictorian.

While some schools are doing away with the designation altogether, others are crowning multiple valedictorians, based on achieving a certain benchmark.

Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia, crowned 117 valedictorians in 2015, more than a quarter of the graduating class. Moreover, all 117 graduates shared the No. 1 rank, based on having achieved a grade-point average of 4.0 or better.

Educators are worried about the prospects for students with very slight differences in GPA; hence this move.

But we all know why it’s happening and here’s the real answer:

…concerns about intense, potentially unhealthy competition and students letting worries about rank drive their course selections.

As usual, the liberals have it backwards. Competition has always been “unhealthy” in their minds because most of them can’t or refuse to excel, so of course they say it’s “unhealthy.”

The rest of the functioning, ambitious world knows just how critical competition is, and America has proven that competition works, over and over.

The one thing that doesn’t? Giving everyone a free pass on everything and saying everyone is the same.

But as the US education system is completely controlled by borderline fascist Leftists, things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, Associated Press

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