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Hillary Cronies Drop Megaton Sledgehammer On America…Massive Corruption Exposed?!

And the hits just keep on comin’!

Every time I hear another story about Hillary and why she lost the election, I think of the ’80’s hit record, “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” by Dead or Alive because it seems like we just keep coming back the to same old conclusions!

Hey, we all KNOW why she lost; it has been detailed several times over. Queen Hillary DESERVED to lose.

And yet, the Clinton camp still has its bevy of excuses.

First, it was Comey and the FBI reopening the investigation into her email server scandal, then it was voter fraud, then it was voter suppression, then it was Russian hacking, then it was Global Warming, then aliens…

Now, we come full circle on this broken record to Comey and the FBI again. And this time, they’re hinting at something much, much darker and more sinister…

John Podesta, on whom we can always rely for a good conspiracy theory, was talking with John Heilemann yesterday when he invoked the FBI conspiracy once again.

Western Journalism:

“I think there’s sort of two possibilities. There are at least forces within the FBI that wanted her to lose. I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but they wanted her to lose. I think that’s one possibility,” Podesta said.

The other option, Podesta argued, involved pressure from below. There were widespread reports of internal agency unhappiness when Comey announced in July that Clinton would not face charges, even though she was ‘extremely careless’ with classified information.

‘I think the other is it’s just become a cover-your-ass organization, and there was pressure coming up from underneath him, and he succumbed to that pressure,’ Podesta said.”

Podesta even went on to say that if you look at the polls during the moment when Comey made his fateful announcement, that they suddenly tightened up to the point where it made an obvious difference in the race.

He ensured that everyone understood that it was Republicans as well who thought it was just terrible judgment on Comey’s part to make that call.

It would be nice, just for once, if Democrats wouldn’t LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH.

The races didn’t tighten. The polls were fake. If the news media was being honest, it would have shown Trump ahead by a wide margin for most of their sparring, instead of him 15-20 points behind her.

It didn’t even matter that Hillary netted tons of illegal votes.

That Comey announcement only served one good purpose: The excuse that the mainstream media needed to quickly adjust their fake polls so that they weren’t SO far off on Election Day.

The “cover-your-ass” organization was the media, John, not the FBI.

Sit back, John, relax, and continue to spin your record round and round, baby. That’s really what you do best anyway.

Source: Western Journalism

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