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BUSTED: Hillary Caught In Another Election Lie…Look Who She Blames Now! Pathetic!

So many things to blame Hillary’s loss on and so little time…

Apparently, the newest way to ensure that Hillary does not take the fall for Benghazi…oh,, wait…meant to say the election loss…is to somehow equate the new Voter ID Laws in Wisconsin with disenfranchisement.

If they needed input regarding the subject of voter intimidation, one wonders why they didn’t contact the Philadelphia Chapter of the Black Panthers.

Yes, that’s right! All you Libs out there can once again cheer and pump your fists in the air in victory. The brain trust of Podesta, Hillary, Soros and Obama have once again managed to feed the State-controlled media (Los Angeles Times in this instance) a backup narrative just in case the following reasons don’t pan out for the hapless two-time-loser:

1. The Russians hacked us!
2. “Fake News” on Facebook!
3. A “whitelash” against Obama!

Lord knows we couldn’t possibly lay the blame at the feet of the nearly-coronated!

Therefore, in a puff piece designed to pull at the heartstrings of America, we are treated to the touching story of Delia Anderson:

[She] had cast her ballot at the same polling place for years, never with a glitch. This year, however, a volunteer driving her to the polls mentioned that she would be asked to show a state-approved photo ID. “Don’t these poll people already know who I am?” replied Anderson, who is 77, black and uses a wheelchair, as she frantically sifted through her purse for anything to prove her identity. It was a lost cause. She had planned to vote for Hillary Clinton. Instead, for the first time in 56 years, she did not cast a ballot. “Lord, have mercy,” she said. “What happened to voting?”

HotAir’s Jazz Shaw makes a good (and comical) case for why it is utterly ridiculous to assume that this latest attempt by the LA Times will gain any traction by shooting their story full of holes:

They…attempt to draw a line…to the fact that voter turnout was down in Milwaukee by 41,000 compared to 2012. This was especially true in the black vote. This apparently makes the case that Hillary might have carried Wisconsin if it weren’t for those pesky voter ID laws, right? Sure, unless you bother to check with… reality. The number of things wrong with this argument is staggering, starting with the idea that this phenomenon was somehow linked to the new law. The fact is that black voter turnout was down across the nation, not just in places with specific voting laws. Of course, if her defenders had to admit that they would then have to face the idea that Clinton simply wasn’t as well liked or popular as Barack Obama and people didn’t bother showing up to vote for her.

Shaw goes on to explain that poor Delia ends up leaving the polling place without casting her vote, but wonders as to the veracity of this claim. After all, as NPR made so clear to so many on the nights leading up to the primary, if you didn’t have an ID, you could still cast a provisional ballot, only to show up later with a valid ID to ensure that your vote was counted.

Hillary Clinton

National Public Radio:

Three hundred and sixty-three provisional ballots were cast in this week’s primary. Government Accountability Board officials said typically anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of provisional voters present their photo ID to a municipal clerk by the deadline to have the vote counted.

If she didn’t cast her vote for Hillary, that is a shame, but the fact of the matter is that the poll workers would have informed her at the time of her visit that she was entitled to the provisional ballot. It is utterly shameful (and entirely unbelievable) for the LA Times to expect even halfway informed people to regard this piece as anything other than DNC-directed propaganda.


But… but.. but… what if she couldn’t afford to go get an ID card? We hear this complaint often from voter ID opponents, but it’s similarly vacuous. Delia would have to be pretty impoverished not to be able to afford a free ID card. And yes, anyone in the state can get a free voter ID card in Wisconsin if they can’t afford a license or normal state ID. They can get you one even if you don’t have a birth certificate. There’s a phone number you can call, a web site to visit or a list of offices where you can drop by.

These laws were publicized non-stop, and even if you didn’t know about it…you could cast a provisional ballot, go get your free ID and come back and finish the process. But hey… don’t let that stop you from dreaming up new things to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss. I mean, it couldn’t have been her own fault.

This whole bogus argument about voter disenfranchisement is reaching a point where it will soon be impossible for liberals to defend it.

A very interesting and damning short film was produced by Ami Horowitz where he visited the campus of UC Berkeley and asked random students if they thought that Voter ID laws were racist. The answers these kids gave were the typical outrageous tripe talking points of Progressive professors. The icing on the cake, however, was when Horowitz took the video to the streets of Harlem in the Bronx to showcase for a host of different Black people on the streets and get their reactions to these students’ comments. The results are hilarious [WATCH].

The epic failure of the Obama Administration to rally the Black voters to get out to the polls for the Democrats demonstrates the actual shallowness of the Left’s bench. The Black voters didn’t not turn out because of Voter ID laws, they just didn’t turn out. The candidate was an arrogant, rich, old, White woman who took the media’s adulating sycophantic polling data at face value, to her own peril.

There is no mystery as to why she and the Democrat Party failed.

Source: HotAir

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