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It’s OVER: Hillary, Liberals Destroyed By Electoral Failure…Democratic Party in Shambles!

Democrats fought long and hard to keep Donald Trump from winning the White House.

And when that endeavor went south, they then fought long and hard to get the members of the Electoral College to change their minds and defect from Trump to Hillary Clinton.

And then that effort went south. How many times must Clinton lose before Democrats get it through their heads the Democrats truly lost?

“It’s hard to keep track of how many times Clinton has lost the 2016 election now,” Breitbart reported. “Jill Stein’s absurd recount theatrics wasted millions of left-wing dollars, and millions of taxpayer dollars, too, to accomplish a second validation of Clinton’s loss in several key states.”

Democrats tried to take comfort in Clinton’s win of the popular vote. And the masses, meanwhile, took to the streets to oppose all-things-Trump, and decry the so-called hacking of the election by evil Russian forces.

It’s like the never-ending election – and the never-ending loss of Clinton.


“Clearly the left hasn’t figured out how disgusting its cry-bully tactics are to normal, emotionally-healthy adult voters. Accepting the legitimacy of an election does not require submission to the new president.”

But note to Democrats: Voters are watching. And 2018 approaches.

“Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors by churning out post-election Hot Takes about abolishing the Electoral College. Even casual voters are getting the message that left-wingers aren’t serious or principled in their opposition.”

As Breitbart noted: Clinton’s votes never did, and never will, overturn the results of the election. And about right now, Clinton’s looking pretty pathetic, even to her political opponents.

“Clinton is trapped in a nightmare her voters refuse to wake up from. And her party is heading for a few more brutal election cycles if it doesn’t stop numbing itself with pipe dreams about how she didn’t really lose, and start thinking realistically about how President-elect Trump won.”

Let’s repeat that, just in case the democrats and liberals didn’t hear it: DONALD TRUMP WON.

Can we move on now? Or rather, can YOU?

Source: Breitbart

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