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Hillary Email Scandal Explodes All Over Again, Stunning New Evidence Released

Just when you thought she was done…

The election may be over, Donald Trump may have won, but the discussion over Hillary Clinton’s email server has hardly come to an end. The email server issue/scandal that may have cost her the election (or at least cost her a lot of votes) hasn’t been resolved and frankly, the more we know, the more she sounds insanely guilty.

Kinda like how America felt after learning about a new family scandal.

And the more America learns, the more it’s evident: The FBI was quite right to label her “extremely careless” with her home-based server, despite what she and the rest of the Democrats continue to claim. You may recall this Gowdy rant a few months back…maybe he was right.

It’s starting to get comical or maybe depressing, depending on your point of view. The latest report proves that in fact, the case isn’t over and Hillary may still have quite a lot to answer for. Check this out, courtesy of Fox News:

A new batch of messages released by the State Department shows the former secretary of state and her team routinely shared her upcoming schedules, talking points and sensitive items – such as her iPad password – via the homebrewed system.

Come on now, Hillary. Didn’t you know this was wrong?

But there’s more, and it’s more gossipy in nature, which Americans always love:

“Other newly revealed emails, which were posted as the result of litigation, show Clinton’s top advisers griping about her during her time as secretary of State; an Asian ruler who later implemented Sharia law saying he considered former President Bill Clinton part of his ‘family;’ and Clinton talking about Justin Cooper, one of the key figures who administered to her private server,” Fox News said.

Geesh. No wonder Clinton lost the election.

A guy who implemented Sharia and considered Bill to be family? That doesn’t look good – not at a time when Islamic jihadists rooted firmly in Sharia principles are trying to kill everybody in the West, including America.

Note to Hillary: You can’t win the White House and hang with the Sharia crowd at the same time. It’s not very compatible, politically or culturally.

Some of the 371 emails posted on the State Department website had been previously released. But you know what wasn’t? Clinton’s iPad password.

Wow, the hits just keep on coming for this lady. Good thing Clinton didn’t win because the security of our nation would have been in massive chaos within the year. I mean, what would she have done – set up another private, home-based email server in New York to funnel all her presidential correspondences through?

Now there’s something Russia might actually hack.

Source: Fox News

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