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Exposed: Hillary And Her Dirty Minions Hid This Secret For Years – And It’s Terrifying

I can still recall the words that James Comey used in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s handling of Classified information:

“Extremely careless.”

And yet, she has serenely skated by prosecution for her multiple failings in the national security department, despite Washington’s recent insistence that she cooperate or else.

Routinely, she lied or changed her story to suit her predicament of the hour, and she was quite perturbed when anyone beneath her royal status questioned her fidelity to her oath.

So, when Republican Senator Grassley of Iowa came forward on Fox & Friends to reveal that Hillary Clinton and 6 aides RETAINED their access to Classified, Secret, and Top Secret documents and information, even AFTER they left the State Department, it was a bit of a shock!

Well, no, not really. The Crooked Clintons are well known for bending and breaking the rules, which is why President Trump is pushing for a formal investigation.

Believe it or not, we don’t even know if Clinton and these 6 individuals on her staff continue to hold these clearances to this very day! …is anyone else frightened?


‘We’re learning from Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley that she and six staffers in 2013 retained clearances where they still had access to top secret and classified information,’ [Ed] Henry said.”

‘Why? They were titled ‘research assistants.’ So the assumption on Capitol Hill is it was because she was writing her memoirs and saying, ‘Look, I need access to this information in order to go through what happened in Syria, what happened with Russia.’

‘He obviously believes something needs to be done about this,’ Henry added.

‘The only positive for Chuck Grassley at this point is, there’s no longer a Democrat at the State Department, obviously. You got Rex Tillerson, so if you have these documents on why she retained these clearances, and for example does she still have a clearance today?'”

So, basically, what the conventional wisdom here is that Hillary began writing her memoirs about her “glorious and triumphant days at the State Department” and had 6 go-fers doing the legwork by rooting through sensitive documents about Libya, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Russia, etc., and assisting her in collating all that information for her book.

In order for them to have access to that information, they would need clearances, which were obviously provided with fervor.

Hillary just made it plain as day that she’d welcome another presidential run, and that should give everyone NIGHTMARES.

I am not in the least bit surprised that she and the State Department played fast and hard with sensitive information, particularly when the Clintons are involved, but I would be a bit taken back (considering all the illegal email server business) if Hillary and these aides continued to hold these clearances.

And if they do, who then is ready to take the fall for such cavalier disregard for national security. My guess is: nobody.

Source: Breitbart

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