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Breaking: Hillary In A Blind Panic, Declares WAR On Obama…Liberals Are Shocked!

STUNNING new theory on why Hillary lost the election!


Okay, no it’s not aliens. And contrary to popular opinion put forth by conspiracy theorists and desperate liberals, it wasn’t the Russians, either.

Of course, even though aliens weren’t responsible for Hillary’s loss, we now know they gave Hillary 3 million illegal votes in November…get it? Come on, that was funny.

At any rate, Democrats have given many reasons for Clinton’s “stunning” defeat. They also love to point fingers and now, they’ve pointed another finger.

As a ruling member of the elite wine-swills, Hillary cannot possibly take the fall for ineptitude. The DNC and all its many scandals (from superdelegates, to paid thugs, to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, to John Podesta, to Donna Brazile, etc.) also cannot take blame for the loss because they are incapable of seeing criminality in any of these undertakings.

So now, what is the only natural tendency for sending someone to the woodshed?

Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

That’s correct! Hillary has decided that the very next mountain peak in which to insert the “I Don’t Blame Her” banner, is the former president himself.

Allen B. West:

“And here is yet another example of the Democrat delusion. Per the Washington Examiner, This may be the wildest thing we’ve read all week, and it’s only Wednesday.

To sum it up: Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign team reportedly blames former President Barack Obama for their stunning loss last November, arguing that his White House didn’t do enough to combat the negative press resulting from her email scandal and from the allegedly Russian-led hacks.

‘We have heard from numerous, anguished people in Clinton-land blaming Obama – more than Putin, FBI Director James Comey or, um, Hillary herself – for the defeat,’ Axios’ Mike Allen reported Tuesday.

HA! At least they’re not blaming BUSH.

The report says:

Clintonites feel that if Obama had come out early and forcefully with evidence of Russian interference in the campaign, and perhaps quicker sanctions, she might be president today. His caution, they argue, allowed the public to have a foggy sense of clear, calculated, consistent Russian meddling in the campaign.”

And so, Clinton once again proves that she is way too proud, way too self-important, and way too condescendingly egotistical to possibly even assign one iota of blame to herself.

She still went and lost BILLIONS of donor money and those donors are none too pleased but hey, it couldn’t possibly be her fault, right?

Allen B. West’s Michelle Hickford has one more solid piece of advice for Americans:

“[A]s he’s [Col. West] often said, if the enemy is digging himself into a hole, send more shovels.

Hey, that would be a fun campaign! Let’s send our Democrats in the Congress shovels with a note saying ‘keep on digging.’

Actually, here you go. Hobby Lobby has a little set for $1.29. There’s a shovel to keep digging and a bucket for all the BS.”

Wouldn’t that be SWEET?

Source: Allen B. West

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