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Explosive: Hillary/Russia Ties REVEALED…Tens Of Millions Secretly Changed Hands!

The dead horse that’s been beaten has now decomposed and its skeleton is bleaching in the sun.

That’s how long we Conservatives have been trying to convince the rest of society that there is a real, breathing media bias against the Right.

The media has been caught spreading fake news more than once, which is precisely why President Donald Trump called them out during his first solo press conference yesterday. “Dishonest” was a tame term, by the way.

That being said, Liberals don’t care a whit about it.

I believe the only reason we keep trying to shine the light of disinfectant upon their hatred of us is this: Maybe one day, we’ll find the anomaly of an individual who might actually convert. You know, for the sake of FACTS.

Trump has been hounded relentlessly by the complicit media in its never-ending quest to turn the deplorables into I’m-With-Her wannabees.

Now, however, Paul Schweizer, Breitbart News Senior Editor and president of the Government Accountability Institute, talked with this whole Michael Flynn flap and made some poignant comparisons between Democrats and Republicans.


“…the New York Times today has a front-page piece which I think balance is actually pretty fair. When you initially read it, it talks about the fact that U.S. intelligence was monitoring the fact that four people close to Trump had contact with Russian intelligence. Now when you hear that, you think, ‘Oh, my gosh, what’s going on?’

But when you actually read the article, you find out that, first of all, it’s unclear that they even knew they were talking to Russian intelligence officials. They all deny that they did. And when you’re doing any kind of business in Russia – the Clintons have certainly done this, as well – chances are you’re probably going to encounter an intelligence official.”

In other words, Trump’s people are not involved in anything nefarious.

But what about Hillary?

“We pointed out, Breitbart reported, we did a piece in the Wall Street Journal – there are lots of people in Washington, D.C., that have business ties in Russia. The Clintons, during her tenure as secretary of state, there was this thing called Skolkovo, this big plan to develop a Russian Silicon Valley.

In that case, you actually had Russian officials who were in very sensitive positions, and it would not be inconceivable that those officials were involved with Russian intelligence. They were actually donating to the Clinton Foundation.

…Just look at the Flynn case, for example. You have people saying that General Flynn – when he was a private citizen, a retired U.S. Army general – goes and gives a speech in Russia for Russia Today, arguing that that somehow has compromised him. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did that for tens of millions of dollars. It’s ridiculous.

Gee, maybe there’s a reason the U.S. Defense Department actually sees Hillary Clinton as an official threat to the country.

And maybe the American people are tired of massive hypocrisy and double standards.

As I said at the opening of this article, we’re definitely getting close to beating the dust of a dead horse’s bones. But just maybe, one person will hear us.

Source: Breitbart

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