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Hillary Says She Knows How To Save The Democratic Party – And It Sounds Criminal

Hillary Clinton just doesn’t know when to throw in the towel.

She has now failed twice in presidential elections and is getting up there in age.

Yet it still looks like she’s considering giving it another shot, as she’s been making the media rounds on her post-election rehabilitation tour.

Rather than learn from her defeat, she’s been making all sorts of excuses for it. Not only that, she’s been inexplicably giving the Democrats some strategic advice that’s sure to hurt the party more than it helps.

As reported at the Washington Examiner, while once again discussing her loss to Donald Trump, Clinton suggested that the Democrats must start learning how to twist the truth if they’re going to start winning elections.

She’s only saying this because she’s accusing conservatives of “fake news” and lying about everything to win, so to her, this strategy is a “fair” response to supposed Republicans deceit.

She made this slanderous proposition while speaking at a tech conference in California last week.

She said Trump and his team only won because of their “enormous investment in falsehoods, fake news, call it what you will.

When a host suggested Trump invested in lies, she said:

“Lies, that’s a good word too.

The other side was using content that was just flat-out false and delivering it in a very personalized way, both above the radar screen and below,” Clinton said.

She then had the gall to claim her team didn’t “engage in false content.”

“We may have tried to put every piece of information in the best possible light and explanations, but we weren’t in the same category as the other side,” she self-righteously claimed.

The shill of a host, who was completely enamored with Clinton, then embarrassingly praised her for opting not to lie to win.

But Hillary hesitated when responding to the praise, saying, “Well….” The host noticed, and jokingly asked if she was rethinking that strategy, to which she replied:

I’m not rethinking it, but everybody else better rethink it, because we have to figure out how to combat this.

So there you have it, Clinton thinks that to defeat Republican lies, the Democrats have to tell their own.

Of course, their lies are righteous because they’re for a “good” cause.

This is two wrongs make a right type of thinking, although the wrong they’re accusing the other side of doesn’t actually exist.

But they have to keep up the narrative that Trump and his supporters are fake news pushers and liars so they can excuse and give themselves the excuse to tell lies of their own.

So when they inevitably get caught, they can point the finger and say they were doing it for democracy or something.


Not that the Left has ever shied away from lying to the public in the first place, but their propaganda efforts since the election are unprecedented.

The fabrications and anti-American attempts to undermine a fairly elected president are evidence of that. Hopefully, the Democrats will heed Hillary’s advice, and continue boldly lying.

The thing is, it’s become so obvious that would-be believers are recognizing it and becoming increasingly suspicious.

If the Left further embraces this strategy, it would be one of the only times they’d ever be able to say they did something good for America, although it wouldn’t be in the manner they planned.

Source: Washington Examiner

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