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ALERT – Hillary Plotting SNEAK ATTACK On President Trump – First Details LEAKED!

It may be a very weird thing to do, but just for a moment, imagine you’re Hillary Clinton.

You’ve been a governor’s wife to a philanderer of women, a first lady to the same Valentino, a senator in preparation for a presidential run, and a presidential candidate…twice!

On your first run, you lose to an unknown junior senator with no experience, who then throws you a bone by making you his Secretary of State, again in preparation for another run.

Unfortunately, you have to wait eight long years. Finally, you get your turn and the Democrat Establishment assures you that it’s in the bag (no pun intended).

They block the other Democratic candidates to part the Red Sea for your anticipated coronation and even manage to pull out all the stops so that you can beat your opponents in the debates and on the trail.

Then, you run against the Donald and apparently discover your Kryptonite.  No, not the real estate mogul, but your inability to craft a clear message to all Americans.

In fact, you call half of middle-class America “deplorable” and the other half “irredeemable.”

Okay, where the heck to you go from here?

The Daily Caller:

“Hillary Clinton is starting a new political action committee and will resume giving paid speeches.

According to Axios’ Mike Allen, Clinton’s PAC will work as a ‘quiet catalyst’ to help grassroots political organizations.


She also plans to direct funds to congressional candidates in 2018. Allen’s sources say that the PAC is not a vehicle for a 2020 presidential bid.

The former secretary of state also plans to hit the paid speechmaking circuit. As Allen notes, Clinton’s speakers bureau, Harry Walker Agency, has a web page soliciting clients.

Prior to running for president, Clinton had a $225,000 asking price per speech. She raked in nearly $22 million between 2013 and 2015.”

In addition to all this, she is writing a book, due to be released in September.  Perhaps Tim Kaine can join her once again in a duet of literature.

Hillary will be working to combat Trump any way she can, that much is obvious. She wants to “direct funds to congressional candidates?” This means she still wants to direct this country’s future…

Hell, she may as well join Obama’s “shadow government” because clearly, both of these so-called “leaders” have the same goal.

Source:  The Daily Caller

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