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Hollywood Anti-Trump Deplorables – 15 Celebrities Who Went Way Too Far

What would’ve happened if Clint Eastwood had shot a film showing Barack Obama’s throat being slit by a Syrian refugee?

What would’ve happened if Charlie Daniels had changed his song’s lyrics to:

“The Beast Went Down To Georgia, she was lookin’ for an election to steal. She was in a bind, ’cause she was way behind [Bernie] and was willing to make a deal.”

The Secret Service would’ve been making a lot of visits to the homes of these celebrities, right?

And yet, Kathy Griffin can “behead” the President of the United States and call it “entertainment” and Madonna can say she “wants to burn down the White House” and that’s “free speech.”

Sadly, the number of incidents of proposed violence toward Trump and the GOP appears exponentially higher than anything in previous years while Obama was president.

In fact, if I remember correctly, there was also a very large number of celebrities who were in line fantasizing about butchering George W. Bush to death.


“Hollywood has issued dire predictions and hysterical warnings about Donald Trump ever since the Republican businessman first announced his candidacy for the presidency in June 2015.

But the level of vitriol and violent rhetoric against now-President Trump has increased substantially in recent weeks, from comedian Kathy Griffin’s now-famous shock ‘beheading’ photograph to Shakespeare in the Park’s not-at-all-subtle ‘assassination’ of Trump on a stage in New York City’s Central Park.

Unfortunately, Griffin and the director of Julius Caesar are not anomalies in Hollywood; actors, writers, directors, and other celebrities have fantasized about using violence against Trump, his supporters, and other GOP lawmakers for at least the past 18 months.

Below are 15 examples of celebrities who have used pointed, violent rhetoric to attack the president and other Republicans.

1. Kathy Griffin
2. Madonna
3. Snoop Dogg
4. Robert DeNiro
5. Joss Whedon
6. Shakespeare in the Park cast
7. David Simon
8. Mickey Rourke
9. Lea DeLaria
10. Rapper YG
11. Marilyn Manson
12. Rapper Everlast
13. Larry Wilmore
14. Stephen Colbert
15. Sarah Silverman

(Click the link above to see specifics)

I’d also like to add Jim Carrey to this list. Even though it was a dream sequence, he still wished he had “finished the dream” of bashing in Trump’s skull with a golf club.

To be honest, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, DeNiro and Rourke are washed-up has-beens. Snoop Dogg, Rapper YG, Marilyn Manson, Rapper Everlast…who cares.

Colbert and Silverman…yawn. And the rest, I didn’t even recognize their names and wouldn’t have known them if I hadn’t looked them up.

So, overall, really sad bunch. But there’s a silver lining. With all this negativity, it probably means that double the people will turn out in the next election for Trump just to spite you.

Source: Breitbart

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