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While Hollywood Elites Bashed America, President Trump Honored Our TRUE Heroes

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania, as you’ve probably heard, skipped Oscars festivities.

You can probably imagine why.

Trump already said he wouldn’t be attending a certain major event in April, and it’s because he has better things to do. He also wants to send a message to those who treat him like sh**.

Not that Hollywood cares too much, of course.

Oscar audiences are made up of far leftists who hate Trump; in fact, the whole of Hollywood pretty much spent the entire night mocking and slamming Trump, taking potshots in as many different ways they could.

So, where was Trump?

Well, you know how our new commander-in-chief has a deep respect for the armed forces?

While Hollywood elites patted themselves on the back and bashed the country that turned them into deities, Trump was acting like a true leader.

“Trump and [his wife] skipped the Oscars festivities to honor the nation’s governors, and more importantly, America’s men and women in uniform,” Independent Journal Review reported.

While Hollywood was busy congratulating itself for living the full life, the true heroes of our nation, the men and women who’ve worn and wear the uniform, were busy quietly celebrating a dignified evening with their top military leader, the commander in chief and president.

The annual Governor’s Ball is such a formal, somber affair – about as unlike the ruckus atmosphere of the partisan unruliness that guided the Oscars this year.

On a night when much of America was honoring celebrities who play make-believe heroes in films, the president preferred the company of those who provide real heroism for their nation.

Quite a contrast.

And truly, Trump was certainly the one who stood in the better company.

It reminds us of when Trump went to visit a fallen hero earlier this year, and just how different he not only is from the smug, clueless Hollywood morons, but also how much different he is from Obama.

Thank God on both counts.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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