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WATCH This ‘Homeless’ Woman Get Exposed As A Lying, Filthy Cheat

Recently, when pulling into the parking lot of a very large retail supercenter, I spotted a Muslim family sitting outside of a large minivan and holding a sign.

The sign read: “Please, we are homeless. Some spare change. God bless.”

There was a dad, mom with head scarf, a young daughter dressed similarly, and a young son.

Being a Christian, I have to tell you, I am a TOTAL sucker for a struggling family, regardless of their faith.

So, I dug into my pockets and gave them a little money.

Later, I was leaving the store when I noticed that the store manager and several assistant managers had approached the family and were asking them to pack it in and leave the premises.

They obliged and departed without argument. These are the kinds of people I don’t mind helping.


Right Wing News:

A woman uncovered to be a charlatan and a impostor, was caught up in a sort of ‘Fake Homeless’ sting caught on video that went viral.

She was caught off guard by two others who had been following her and recording her actions for the two hours.

She was eventually confronted and asked why she was panhandling when she owns a 2014 Fiat.

Police officers eventually responded to a call of ‘disorderly situation’ against the woman.

Micha Leigh Dominguez is the 40 year old in custody that is now being charged with multiple counts of throwing a bottle of Gatorade at another woman’s car as she was in motion. She is now being held on bond.”

Liberal Hillary or Bernie voter, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Why do we keep hearing stories of people who STEAL from others and actually try to defend their behavior?

Oh, right I forgot: In a socialist structure, everyone steals from everyone. How silly of me; of COURSE that works.

Source:  Right Wing News

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