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ICE Executes RECORD Arrest Sweep – Illegal Gangs COLLAPSING Across The U.S.!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hasn’t dominated news headlines, but he hasn’t been idle with his time.

In fact, he has been busy helping ICE sweep the nation for gang members with improved efficiency.

Everyone by now is aware of the great push by law enforcement to crack down on illegal aliens in the country, but not as many know about the task force that is rounding up gang members.

ICE has been actively making arrests of many hundreds of gang members in a nationwide surge to follow through on a Trump campaign pledge.

And now, they’ve dropped yet another hammer on dangerous gang members, many of whom infect our cities with violence and drugs.

Fox News:

An ICE-led anti-gang operation resulted in the arrest of more than 1,300 individuals across the country, the department announced Thursday.

The six-week operation, directed in coordination with local law enforcement partners, was the largest gang surge ever conducted, ICE said in a press release.

It primarily targeted violent gang members involved in human trafficking, sex trafficking, murder, racketeering and weapons and human smuggling. However, 280 individuals were arrested solely on immigration-related offenses.

Of the 1,378 people arrested, 1,095 belonged to, or were affiliated with, gangs, including the Bloods, the Sureños, the Crips and MS-13.

The surge resulted in the seizure of more than 230 firearms, nearly 800 ounces of cocaine, more than 8,000 ounces of marijuana and about $490,000.”


Of the 10 captured individuals who crossed the border as unaccompanied minors, eight of them were MS-13 members, according to the release.

As previously reported by FOX Business, MS-13 members often exploit a loophole Opens a New Window in the immigration law—known as the Unaccompanied Minors Program—in order to both smuggle in and recruit members.

These gangs are merciless and they have many resources.  Money and weapons are pretty much at their disposal and that makes this a very dangerous enemy to the nation.

In particular, the MS-13 gang has been receiving national headlines for its brutal treatment of its victims. And by the way, lax illegal immigration policies allowed this gang to flourish.


Source:  Fox News

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