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ICE Doubles Down And Illegal Arrests Skyrocket – Is Trump Winning This War?

The last thing the Left wants is for true justice to prevail for all Americans.

Right behind that is the desire to pour illegal immigrants into our country.

The first keeps various segments in our society angry with each other, and thus supportive of liberal candidates at the ballot box.

The second expands the number who can be expected to show up on election day to support their alleged liberal benefactors.

It’s a fraudulent system, and it lacks moral integrity in that it is dependent on human suffering and conflict to maintain the power structures that does so much to keep Leftists in positions of power.

Hence, when President Trump leads the effort to arrest and deport illegal immigrants, this strikes right at the power base of the Democrats.

These poor folks who are caught up in immigration crimes are pawns used by the Left to gain political power.

While there might be some liberals who truly are concerned for their well-being, the overriding goal is to empower the liberals, not to make life better for the destitute citizens of Mexico by letting them come to America and draw welfare benefits.

Via Breitbart:

In a report by the San Diego Union-Tribune, new data shows that illegal immigrants in southern California are being arrested at roughly the same rate before former President Obama’s era of relaxed border policies.

Between February and May, nearly 550 illegal immigrants were arrested in San Diego alone by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Compare that to the number of illegal immigrants arrested in that same time period last year, where only 242 foreign nationals were arrested. In 2015, during the same time frame, ICE agents only arrested 267 illegal immigrants.”

Obama was clearly an advocate of open borders complete with lavish government benefits available to those who successfully managed to get into the U.S. without getting caught.

Things are now different under President Trump.

“‘We’re still focusing on criminals, but we’re not confined to them,’ ICE’s Assistant Field Director in San Diego, Clinton Johnston told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

‘It’s the ability for us to enforce the law across the board.’

“‘All we’re trying to do is protect the community and remove the threats,’ ICE San Diego Field Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations Greg Archambeault said.


California is in a dire financial condition. It cannot fund the programs for its citizens let alone a million or so non-citizens.

More than likely, it won’t be long before California is at the federal trough looking for bailouts so it can continue to pay pensions to retired state government employees.

Yet so strong is the desire to strengthen the very liberal policies that are contributing to the bankruptcy of the state, that politicians are willing to do whatever possible to make certain the Left prevails.

This includes the encouragement of  the violation of federal immigration laws.

But if President Trump’s policies are successful, it may turn out that he will have saved the people of California from themselves and their own derelict leaders.

Source: Breitbart

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