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GOT ‘EM! ICE Just Hit Illegal Scum With A SURPRISE Attack, And LOOK Who They Nabbed!

With the number of illegal migrants in our nation, one hardly knows where to begin.

It’s not like federal authorities can swoop down and capture them all in a month or two, especially with the obstruction presented by the preposterous, and criminal-harboring sanctuary cities.

Sure, a few brave guys have stood up against the idea of sanctuary cities, but it’ll take more than that to get rid of them.

And some illegals clearly present a far greater risk than others.

One segment is rather harmless. While their presence here is clearly a violation of immigration laws, they have no further illegal intentions. They’re not necessarily dangerous.

Then we have illegals who are murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, and members of violent gangs. These individuals must be the priority for law enforcement, and it is heartening to learn that ICE just nabbed 175 such criminals in a five-state sweep.

This sweep included some VERY nasty criminals, too. Via Washington Examiner:

“A five-state sweep for illegal immigrants with violent criminal records led Immigration and Customs Enforcement to nab 175, including alleged MS-13 gang members wanted for murder and others linked to child sex crimes.

This sounds like a perfect group to ultimately face deportation, perhaps after spending a lengthy time in federal prison.

It’s clear that the ICE has their priorities right.

“‘This operation was focused on fugitives and criminal aliens,’ said Patrick Contreras, field office director of the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations office in Houston.


‘Public safety remains a top priority for ICE. This was a focused five-day operation, but our routine operations occur daily,’ he added.”

They got another MS-13 thug in Houston, too; he was from El Salvador and wanted for murder. Then there was “a previously deported man convicted of manslaughter.”

And get this one: “In Florida, another 76 were arrested, many on weapons and sex crimes charges.”

Wow, weapons charges. You’d think the liberals would be out cheering this one, yet we’ve seen no evidence of that yet. Must be a political issue with them or something.

Clearly ICE is a terrific asset to our nation’s security and deserves every citizen’s support and appreciation.

And sanctuary cities who work so hard to PROTECT these animals aren’t doing America any favors. Taxpayers keep paying for this nation’s mistakes, and it’s getting very, very tiresome.

Source: Washington Examiner

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