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ICE Gets A Phone Call About Illegals…And OMG, Guess Where These Aliens Were Working!

In the restaurant industry for many years, I learned a very important life lesson:

Illegals are present in every American business.

Illegal aliens are so pervasive that you’ll find them working in places you’d never expect them to be, like hospitals and government facilities.

In a restaurant chain I worked for, there were so many illegals with false or stolen IDs working there it was impossible to keep up with the endless rotation of individuals.

One would show up and provide an ID with a stolen Social Security Number and within a month, the corporate office would send notices that the names did not match the numbers.

They would ask for confirmation and, lo and behold, that person would be gone and another with the same name would show up a month later with the same SSN to apply for a job.

And of course, those illegal criminals who actually SUED the U.S. government for making them work are no better. It’s just a never-ending problem.

But I bet you didn’t think illegal aliens also be at our military installations, did you?

The Daily Caller:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have arrested illegal aliens working construction at the Travis Air Force Base and are looking to deport them as soon as possible.

ICE quickly arrived on the scene after a military official realized that two illegals, Hugo Mejia and Rodrigo Nuñez, did not have valid social security numbers and reported the pair of construction workers at the base, The Mercury News reports.

After arresting Mejia and Nuñez, ICE has placed the men in expedited deportation proceedings, as both men have removal orders stemming from when they entered the country illegally over a decade ago.

The immigration attorney for the two men has submitted an asylum request, but in order for that request to go through, the men will have to prove they are likely to face severe persecution upon their return to Mexico.

Under President Donald Trump, ICE’s activities have surged, with arrests up 35 percent in the first several months of the new administration compared to the same period of time in 2016.”

In seeing this activity for many years and not being able to do anything about it, I was gratified to see that those who ignored this problem for the sake of cheap labor are finally seeing their greed rewarded.

And the more ICE takes care of business, the safer Americans will start to feel.

Sources:  The Daily Caller, The Mercury News

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