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BEATDOWN – ICE Drops BIG-ASS Sledgehammer On Sanctuary Cities – TIME’S UP, Illegals!

It’s a bit off-putting and it’s laughably stupid simultaneously. No, we’re not talking about Chuck Schumer’s last press conference.

We’re talking about the mainstream media’s ability to take a clearly immoral and illegal act and somehow manage to convince themselves that it is exactly the opposite.

With the growing distrust of these sources reaching gargantuan levels, they are becoming less a threat to American values and more of a sad, hollow husk of a once great and influential medium.

However, to drive the point home more succinctly, let’s examine the following:

Law enforcement agents are being demonized because they are attempting to stop crime in places where the rate for this particular crime is the highest. …yes, it’s illogical and idiotic.

Like when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed ICE officials wouldn’t enter NY schools…apparently forgetting that ICE said they never intended to go into schools. See? This is how liberals work.

More insanity is going down in Virginia, And CNN is seeing red over law enforcement doing it’s job.

CNN Politics:

Enforcement has been targeting so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ with increased enforcement operations in an effort to pressure those jurisdictions to cooperate with federal immigration agents, a senior US immigration official with direct knowledge of ongoing ICE actions told CNN.

A sanctuary city is a broad term applied to states, cities and/or counties that have policies in place designed to limit cooperation or involvement in the enforcement of federal immigration operations. More than 100 US jurisdictions — among them New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — identify as such.


Officials in several sanctuary cities began complaining that they may be getting intentionally targeted after a series of raids around the country in February resulted in almost 700 arrests, but ICE described these operations as routine and said they were planned during the previous administration.

The senior immigration official pointed out that the raids overwhelmingly took place in sanctuary jurisdictions.

ICE officials weren’t given access to local jails (for some stupid liberal reason), despite the law being the law. Then ICE shot back and said simply:

Cooperate or expect more raids.

Hold on, hold on!

You mean to tell me that law enforcement agents are identifying areas where MORE FEDERAL CRIMES are taking place and then they’re PURPOSEFULLY TARGETING THOSE AREAS for police action? What are they being taught at these police academies?!

Oh, right. The law.

This is precisely why President Trump needs to keep hammering these sanctuary cities. Liberals will do everything they can to stop it…but without their precious funding, they’re lost.

Source: CNN Politics

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