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Illegal Alien Celebrity Makes Big Money In The U.S…By Bragging That He’s Illegal

Who in the world is Jose Antonio Vargas?

I’ll give you a hint: He’s illegal, he’s a director, he hates White people, and he’s absolutely adored by Leftists.

Nothing yet? How about this:

He’s the poster boy for illegal aliens who have made a living of not only working illegally in the country, but doing so by insulting White people and, particularly, those who live in the U.S.

Some believe, however, that the U.S. government at this point is just as culpable, precisely because they appear to be doing nothing about it.

BizPac Review:

A prominent illegal immigrant known for working for several major media outlets may be breaking the law in more ways than one, according to legal experts.

Jose Antonio Vargas, who directed MTV’s ‘White People’ documentary, has also done work for CNN, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, The New York Times and the Greater Talent Network Speaker’s Bureau — companies that may also find themselves in legal trouble.

Vargas, for his part, appears to be breaking the law by contracting his labor to several media companies through the use of limited liability companies, according to several legal professionals contacted by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Specifically, acquisitions of Vargas’s labor appear to violate the Immigration and Nationality Act 274A – Unlawful Employment of Aliens of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) code.

I think anyone who deals with him knows that he’s not legally present in the United States, so I think it’s a clear violation,’ Jan C. Ting, a former assistant commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and immigration law professor, told TheDCNF.”

If an employer knows the illegal alien is indeed illegal and hires him or her anyway, that’s breaking the law.

Furthermore, any illegal immigrant who accepts “unauthorized employment through a front LLC is barred from applying for lawful permanent resident status.”

Translation? Vargas shouldn’t be working here and shouldn’t be living here.

But don’t be surprised if Vargas receives a very special award from the Academy Awards this year for his brilliant work and the clever ability to dupe the federal government who have been unable or unwilling to take him to task.

Hollywood will then throw a parade in his honor.

Source: BizPac Review

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