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Illegal Scum Arrested For HORRIFIC Murder, But Wait…Their Secret Will REALLY Piss You Off

How many U.S. citizens have suffered at the hands of illegal immigrants?

Oh, sorry. I mean “undocumented.”

You can call them whatever you like, liberals; the terminology doesn’t change the disgusting, horrific nature of the crimes these people have committed over the years.

Such crimes are indeed shocking and often difficult to even comprehend. But the illegal assault on this country doesn’t end with examples of violent crime; it also extends to our financial health.

Did you know illegals were responsible for essentially stealing $750 million from American coffers in recent years? That’s frightening in a whole different way, isn’t it?

Yes, on just about every front, illegal aliens have inflicted unforgivable harm on this once-great country.

And getting back to the violent nastiness, we have yet another example of our country – the Barack Obama administration, to be specific – failing to deport dangerous individuals, and then those individuals committing grave crimes.

As reported by Breitbart citing the Tallahassee Democrat, the public is demanding answers: Two inmates in the county jail were supposed to have been deported years ago, but it never happened. And now:

Marco Vinicio Perez, also known as Marco Perez-Geronimo, allegedly murdered his girlfriend four years after he was ordered deported in 2012.

Police arrested the illegal alien on first-degree murder charges after he was accused of beating her to death last January because “demons in his head told him” to kill her.

Had he been deported to his native Guatemala on schedule, Idelcira Perez might still be alive. Almost nothing else is known about Perez, the Tallahassee Democrat explains, but he never appealed his deportation order.

Then there’s Jamaican illegal Donald Robinson, who was supposed to have been deported back in 2011, but was still in the U.S. when he was arrested in January 2015 for “stabbing a man he thought was threatening him.”



Tallahassee Police investigators noted in their report of the incident that Robinson had eight other cases within the previous 18 months with TPD.

He told them he had a mental illness, and in at least five reports, he told officers he was being followed, harassed and threatened with weapons, which he never saw.

After spending more than a year in jail, Robinson was released on probation. But it wasn’t long before he was in trouble again.

Last June, he was accused again of stabbing a man he did not know, this time with a pair of scissors, at the McDonald’s on North Monroe Street.

Can we STOP this now?

President Donald Trump’s war on illegal immigration is a necessary one, people.

If you’re illegally here, you need to leave. It’s really that simple. American citizens don’t deserve to be stalked, harassed and attacked by these individuals.


Sources: Breitbart, Tallahassee Democrat

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