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Breaking: Illegal Aliens Rocked By LANDMARK Announcement – Trump Has Done The IMPOSSIBLE!

From the very beginning, Donald Trump has sworn to keep one big promise:

He will solve the illegal immigration that has plagued this country for far, FAR too long.

And despite Obama-appointed judges who keep throwing roadblocks in the President’s path, Trump has managed to do exactly what he vowed to do…

Yes, illegal immigration is way down.

Speaking during a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, President Trump highlighted the dramatic decline in illegal immigration during his first 100 days in office.

After saying we still need the controversial border wall (which Senator Ted Cruz has figured out how to fund, by the way), Trump made an announcement that put America on its feet.

This is what true Patriots have wanted to hear for years and honestly, many of us never dared dream we’d actually hear these words:

Via Breitbart:

[We have] properly screened and vetted those seeking admission into our country. They are going to come in because they love our country. We are not taking them otherwise.

We are operating on a very simple principle that our immigration system should put the needs of American workers, American families, American companies, and American citizens first.

Then came the statistic bombshell that everyone is celebrating:

…since my election, we have already achieved an unprecedented 73 percent reduction in illegal crossing on our southern border. The greatest reduction in the history of our country, and we just started.

The world is getting the message, if you try to illegally enter the United States, you will be caught, detained, deported, or put in prison, and it will happen.


Our border patrol agents have known the truth about this issue for a long time, and they’re finally starting to see a change for the better. What was once out of control now appears to be very much IN control.

The biggest cheer of the night came when Trump addressed families who have been impacted by the hideous explosion of illegal aliens in recent decades:

As I campaigned across the nation, I met with the grieving mothers and fathers of children who had been killed, viciously killed, violently killed by illegal immigrants, and I made them a promise.

We will protect American lives. Your family member will not have died in vain.

This, right here. This is what has needed to happen for a very long time and it is FINALLY happening.

Source: Breitbart

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