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Illegal Aliens Just Got Another MILLION-DOLLAR Freebie…Look What You’re Paying For NOW!

How can a state elect Ronald Reagan and Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown as back to back governors?

And why would a state return Brown to the governor’s mansion a second time after decades of relief?

Only in California, perhaps. The state that tells college students they can actually assault immigration officers.

Mr. Brown is not on the path to restoring fiscal responsibility to California, by the way.

In fact, he’s working in the opposite direction. His proposed budget adds billions in spending including millions for at least one very peculiar program.

It turns out that Governor Brown not only wants to maximize the number of illegal migrants in his state, he also wants to give them more money. Why?

You won’t believe this: To be used for legal expenses incurred in fighting federal efforts to deport them.

Via The Daily Caller:

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that the budget would include a total of $33 million in state government assistance to illegal immigrants.

However, just to show that lunacy resides in more places than just the governor’s mansion, Mr. Brown’s associates want to do even more.

Democratic legislators have proposed three separate bills that impact legal training, start a legal defense program and increase counsel for deported veterans.

These proposals add up to more than $26 million.”

There is no shortage of nutjobs working tirelessly to bring about the financial ruination of California. Their anti-business lunacy has already nearly crippled San Francisco.

But they won’t be happy until EVERYTHING falls apart, apparently.


“Ronald Coleman, government affairs director for the California Immigrant Policy Center, told the Times that these programs are ‘key given that California can be ground zero for the devastation that we would face from Donald Trump’s deportation policies.'”

What Mr. Coleman did not say was that they are also no doubt key to his job security.

So who are the winners in this debacle? Clearly, government bureaucrats win and of course, illegal immigrants who are ILLEGAL.

And the losers? The ordinary citizens of California, those folks who paid into state pension funds who might never see the benefits to the level they were promised.

In brief, Illegals: 1 American Taxpayers: 0. Again.

Sources: Daily Caller, LA Times

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