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Shock Report Erupts – Illegal Aliens SWARMING U.S. Schools, And Taxpayers Are RAGING!

California schools might as well be card-carrying members of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary).

They are pulling out all the stops in an effort to place blame on Donald Trump for Latino students failing.

Unfortunately, guys like Sheriff Youngblood who stand up for law and order are being shouted down. Sanctuary cities still hold sway, especially in California. And illegal immigration is INSANE.

Try to follow this logic:

1. Parent decides to uproot family in South/Central America and illegally cross the border into the U.S.
2. Parent pays nearly their entire life savings to get here illegally.
3. Parent pays fly-by-night individual for a stolen Social Security Number and possibly, credit card or other form of ID
4. Parent evades all police, border patrol, and government agents to arrive at their point of destination.
5. Parent enrolls illegal children in school with illegal IDs.
6. Parent stays hidden during the day and only comes out to take a driver’s license test (no doubt while registering to vote with said stolen ID)
7. Parent sends funds back home to South/Central America to help others illegally enter the U.S.
8. President Trump enforces federal immigration law.
9. Liberals blame Trump for causing illegal alien children undue stress and anxiety!

The result?

Los Angeles Daily News:

Posing significant challenges for educators, about 1 in 8 students in California schools has at least one parent who is undocumented, according to a new brief from the Education Trust-West.


“[A]ccording to school officials, those anxieties have reached new heights since Donald Trump’s inauguration, with possible consequences on their ability to focus on school work, the willingness of parents to attend school events, or even to bring their children to school.

‘Deporting a family member, especially a parent, has serious detrimental impacts on children,’ the Center for American Progress report stated.

The report also pointed to research showing that ‘when their parents have been deported, children go through multiple negative experiences:

‘They suffer from psychological trauma, especially when they witness a parent’s arrest; their family is separated; and they are likely to experience housing insecurity and economic instability.'”

Regardless of the fact that the parent decided to drag their children through a desert battlefield and hide in every shadow from here to San Francisco, it’s all Trump’s fault that these kids are “stressed.”

With nearly 1M students in this country who are the kids of illegals, we are going to ignore the rule of law, because…it’s illegal to uphold the law!

Maybe Trump’s idea of taxing Mexicans to help pay for the border wall isn’t such a bad idea. Hell, it’s a GREAT idea.

Just seems like we’re spinning our wheels here, otherwise…I mean, 1 IN 8 students? Really?!

Source:  Los Angeles Daily News

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