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Illegal Immigrant Unleashes HELL On Two Innocent Doctors – Police STUNNED To Find…

This desire the left has to shelter illegal aliens borders on a death wish.

Some of these folks are no doubt harmless, but far too many have committed other crimes in addition to entering the country illegally.

And really, some of these liberals have to learn the hard way that not EVERY human alive is kind and loving.

When America ceases to be a nation of laws, it ceases to be America and enters the realm of third-world hell-holes.

Should we allow that to happen, even the liberals might finally figure out that tolerance for criminals is a BAD idea. But really, we should stop it before it gets that far.

Case in point: An illegal alien living in Boston who already had a criminal record just brutally murdered two medical doctors.

Via DailyMail UK:

“Dr Richard Field, 49, from Hammersmith in London, and Dr Lina Bolanos, 38 were brutally murdered after Teixeira, who is originally from West Africa, burst into their luxury penthouse on a Friday night.

Doctor Field was terrified but managed to send a text to a friend saying ‘a gunman in the house,’ and that friend called 911. The couple were already dead by the time the police arrived.”

Worse, this was an especially brutal double-murder.

“The police found the doctors with their hands bound, blood and messages of retribution on the walls and photos of the two doctors in the apartment were cut up.

Teixeira was shot in the hand, abdomen and leg during a shootout with police.”


That’s all tragic. But here’s the most distressing part about this horrifying story:

Currently his immigration status is unclear, although his arrest warrant issued in 2016 for armed robbery is stamped with ‘alien warning given.‘”

Translation: He’s ILLEGAL.

As a result of the dereliction of our judicial system, two practicing physicians are dead.

Of course the murderer is ultimately at fault, but the fact that our country didn’t deport him some time ago illustrates the danger of the ill-conceived policy regarding illegal aliens.

Thanks for that, Barack Obama. Now we’re just hoping that President Trump can clean this mess up sooner rather than later.

Sources: Right Wing News, DailyMail UK

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