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Pro-Illegal Immigrant ‘Mega March’ Expected 100,000 People…Know How Many Showed Up?

Liberals would have you believe the majority of the country is BLUE.

No matter what the evidence says, no matter how many damning pieces of evidence we have, the mantra continues: America is liberal. Americans want to be liberal.

Of course, the mainstream media and every facet of entertainment carries this message as well, so the uneducated might actually believe it to be true.

If you only get your news from certain places and you’re blind and deaf to the disgustingly clear agenda in the entertainment business, you believe all conservatives are mouth-breathing losers and all liberals are enlightened geniuses.

That’s the rhetoric, at any rate.

But if you do a little digging, you start to see it’s all smoke and mirrors. If Donald Trump’s victory last November didn’t prove it, and if the crumbling Democratic/Socialist system didn’t prove it, maybe this will.

When you hold a rally and call it a “Mega March,” you expect people to show up, right? LOTS of people. But, as The Gateway Pundit revealed:

When protest marchers hit the streets of Dallas on Sunday, they expected to send a message with 100,000 people supporting liberal immigration policies and protesting deportation.

They sent a message, all right — just not the one they intended…

Mega March organizers told the public and the media to expect 100,000 protesters, according to KTVT. Only 3,200 showed up, according to the Dallas Police Department. In an interesting liberal twist, the media reported that the number appeared higher, according to WFAA News.


With only 3 percent of the expected turnout, Sunday’s event made clear the effects of President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration and his zero tolerance for illegals who commit crimes.

That’s just too funny.

Conservatives have been unveiling the shocking truth about everything, from Muslims to immigration to the economy, and liberals just can’t stand it. They’re wrong, they’ve always been wrong, and now they’re throwing tantrums.

Sucks to be in the obvious and extreme minority, doesn’t it? These pictures sort of make that plain, and it’s just driving all you leftists nuts.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, The Gateway Pundit

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