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Breaking: Illegal Immigrants Snag $750 MILLION In Benefits, And Americans Are FLIPPING OUT!

Obamacare is a train wreck.

I think we can all agree on that.

When Nancy Pelosi asked Americans to share their experiences with Obama’s grand healthcare plan, she got a giant earful of disgust and hate. There’s a damn good reason for that.

President Donald Trump has made several extremely bold claims concerning the Obamacare repeal, and we’re all hoping for the best. But the first restructuring proposal to exit the White House didn’t meet with everyone’s approval.

Worse yet, it appears to have left something in place that must be removed.

Any new healthcare plan should save Americans money. It absolutely should not compensate for illegal immigrants in any way, shape, or form. They’re illegal. They don’t get compensation or benefits or coverage.


And yet, as pointed out by Right Wing News, the new proposal has one glaring flaw:

The Healthcare reform legislation unveiled by GOP Leaders on Monday night would, at best, leave untouched a confirmation system that allowed up to 500,000 illegal aliens to access taxpayer-funded benefits over the years of the Obama administration.

According to a 2016 Senate report, the government supplied $750 million of Obamacare subsidies to individuals whose immigration status didn’t quite match up to legal status.

The GOP plan would leave in place that very same verification process, or worse, destroy the verification process altogether.


According to the 2016 Senate report, the Obamacare model gave benefit of the doubt to illegal aliens when they applied for subsidies, but if the alien was unsuccessful in filing the needed paperwork, the IRS was expected to acquire the funds.

A lack of cooperation between Health and Human Services and the IRS, however, forestalled the money from being recovered.

This is unacceptable. As the article continues: “Under the plan, subsidies for health insurance would not be given, but individuals could obtain tax credits for buying healthcare on the government exchanges.”


We’ve been supporting illegals for far, far too long and this is another example of insane, irrational leniency that must disappear.

How many more stories of welfare fraud on behalf of illegal aliens do we have to read? WHY do even the new proposals seem to give these people loopholes and obvious support?

Somebody in Washington – ‘cough’ Paul Ryan ‘cough’ – needs to look up the definition of the word, “illegal.”

Source: Right Wing News

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