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Breaking: Illegal Immigration Scandal Horrifies America…HUNDREDS Of Citizens DEAD!

Here’s a story CNN just ain’t going to run any time soon.

Why not? It might cast shadows on Barack Obama and his all-amnesty approach to White House governance, that’s why.

And no matter how much first-hand evidence we have to the contrary, liberals continue to believe we don’t have a problem with illegal immigration. …yes, they really are that naive, somehow.

Apparently, Democrats don’t care that illegals essentially stole BILLIONS from real American citizens during Barack Obama’s reign. Worse, they think this is really the way things should be.

Totally sick.

So here’s yet another story no liberal wants to hear – and let’s just hope President Donald Trump is reading and ready to do something about it.

At least 121 killings within a four-year span were carried out by convicted immigrants who were not deported, according to a 2015 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee document,” the Miami Herald reported.

That’s just insanity.

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has basically just underscored what Trump’s been saying for a long, long time, and what leftists and amnesty backers have been mocking for about the same span of time.

And it’s this, as put forward by the Miami Herald:

“A committee letter sent to the Department of Justice and the Departments of State and Homeland Security nearly two years ago said that at least 121 homicides ‘could have been avoided” between 2010 and 2014 had Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), under the prior Obama administration, deported immigrant convicts instead of releasing them.'”

Oh, wow. That sound you hear?

It’s the sound of Democratic Party pols’ footsteps rushing to burn all documented evidence of their support for open borders. The elections are coming, you know.

But that is what Trump has been talking up for months, both on the campaign trail, when people laughed and called him either a circus act or a racist, and after the election, from his White House seat.

Americans get killed when border security gets lax, which is precisely why Washington wants to pass a bill that would cut all immigration (legal immigration, that is), in HALF.

Just think about this for a minute: 121 homicides wouldn’t have happened if Obama’s feds deported the perpetrators.

There’s just one thing to say to Democrats who still, to this day, insist on open borders, welcome home signs for refugees, sanctuary cities and the like, and it’s this: When’s the next election?

Source: Miami Herald

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