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Illegal Immigration Boils Over, Smugglers And Drug Traffickers Invading American Homes!

It’s just getting worse and worse.

A sign that things on our southern border are escalating in the wrong direction is when your top neighborhood watch agent is a 90-year-old grandmother!

The increasingly dangerous situation at the Texas-Mexico border has reached the point where money being made from drugs and human trafficking far outweighs the concerns that criminals will be caught and punished by our legal system.

“Coyotes” or smugglers of both drugs and people are becoming more and more daring as the time draws near to a Trump presidency.

Nearly a decade of complacency by the current administration has emboldened South and Central American drug cartels to make lightning runs across the border in new and effective ways (some are even floating whole trucks full of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or methanphetamines over the Rio Grande River).

In 2016 alone, there was more than 1.3 million pounds of these illegal substances confiscated by border patrol.

Now, from Fox News:

“Pamela Taylor thought she was living the American dream when she and her husband bought a two-acre plot of land near the Texas border in Brownsville seven decades ago.

She would never have predicted her one-story brick home, surrounded by bright pink bougainvillea bushes and mesquite trees, would become a makeshift crash pad and hideout for border crossers, drug smugglers and human traffickers.

‘It’s a way of life now,’ Taylor told ‘They come every day.’”

This woman is one hell of a brave person, too. She recounts times when runners are literally sitting in her rocking chair, in her living room, watching patrols drive by the window! She claims that she always calls the authorities, but is still kind enough to leave food and water out for those who need it.

“’I always ask ‘Are you hungry?’” she said. ‘I will feed them but they know I will also be calling Border Patrol.’”

The article also goes into detail about how the enforcement system has been compromised by the cartels to the point where border patrol officers are actually paid cartel flunkies who do their best to turn a blind eye toward enforcement or, worse yet, commit murder on their behalf.

It is a sad state of affairs that people living on the border, whose property values have plummeted because of the danger, feel forced to move away from their homes just to keep their families safe. Pamela is having none of that, however.

“As for residents living along the border, some have sold their property and moved. For Taylor, that’s not an option.

‘Why should I move? I haven’t done anything wrong,’ she said.”

God Bless, Pamela.

Source: Fox News

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