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Breaking: Illegal Immigration Explodes…Mexican Crime Wave Slams Into America!

You know who’s REALLY happy to see President Obama go and President-elect Donald Trump arrive?

It’s not a segment of American society that’s going to be a real surprise. Really, it’s the people who’ve been at the heart and soul of Trump’s political walk from the get-go – the crucial players in one of his most crucially regarded campaign vows.

It’s the hard-working individuals who never get enough respect from those who haven’t the faintest idea what that job is like. It’s a group of people who are very likely loving Trump’s new plans.

Had enough? OK. Border control.

That’s right, the nation’s defenders of our borders, the immigration officials who see firsthand the devastation a blind-eye policy bring to the country, are probably seeing some of their cheeriest days, and January 20 isn’t far off.

And the wall is coming!

Now, from Fox News:

“The Obama administration’s leniency, combined with concerns about Trump’s crackdown, is seen as contributing to a spike in crossings from California to Texas. ‘There’s definitely a percentage of folks who believed that they can beat the clock,’ said Jose Villareal, chief of operations for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector.”

In other words, time’s running out for the free crossings, and illegals are making the best of it; they’re making their last-ditch, twelfth-hour runs now, before Obama leaves and takes his amnesty dreams with him.

Smugglers, drug runners, the cartels, they’re all in high-moving mode, Fox News reported.

Smugglers are telling them that they need to come across now while there’s a chance,” Art Del Cueto, a Border Patrol agent in Tucson, Ariz., Fox News reported.

Yes, that sounds about right. America’s lived with this for years: the steady stream of border crossers who swarmed into America in recent years, energized by the hope of a U.S. president who bluntly thought more of providing for them than for the legal citizens of this country.

But now, that tide’s about to turn and Trump isn’t going to play the same open-border game – not by any measure. So get ready, south-of-the-border would-be crossers: Come January 20, the tone is not going to be so welcoming.

Don’t be surprised then if instead of soccer balls and medical packs, there are handcuffs and police escorts greeting you at the illegal crossing points.

Source: Fox News


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