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They Deported This Illegal Pig…Then He Snuck Back And Did THIS To A 15-Year-Old Girl

It would be a gross exaggeration to claim that all illegal aliens are violent criminals.

The problem is that some are, and lax immigration enforcement practices make it more likely that US citizens will be the victims of violent crimes.

Once an illegal alien has been captured in the US and deported, there is no excuse for allowing that person to return to our country.

If the illegal gained reentry because he just slipped through, something that happens FAR too often, additional training or resources are needed. Border patrol must be properly prepared.

If they’re not, or if the U.S. simply fails to protect its borders, tragedy will invariably strike.

An example of what can go wrong when our borders are not secure was illustrated by a previously deported alien who did the unthinkable after he snuck back in…

Via Breitbart:

Jose Tovilla-Lopez, 41, was sentenced to eight years in prison for first-degree rape after he re-entered the United States after already being deported, according to WCPO News.


“According to prosecutors, Tovilla-Lopez was working in the U.S. under a stolen Social Security number that belonged to a 69-year-old Arkansas woman.

“One night, while at the victims’ family home, Tovilla-Lopez had been drinking heavily and even gave the victim alcohol as well.”

It was at this point that Tovilla-Lopez raped this young girl. It makes you wonder what this man was doing alone with this girl in the first place.

“‘As a family and as individuals you get frustrated when you think this could have been prevented if X, Y or Z could have happened.

You think, ‘If they were not here, this couldn’t have happened,’ Clermont County Prosecutor Scott O’Reilly told WLWT News.”

Regardless of the apparent irresponsibility of the parents, the fact remains that this immigrant was in the US illegally for a second time.

And every week, we hear of another story where a previously deported individual ruins an American citizen’s life forever.

When you allow anyone into your country, the criminal population will inevitably increase.

In turn, this will add to the burden on law enforcement and the suffering Americans will experience as those immigrants who are criminals wreak havoc on our country.

Secure the borders with walls, additional agents, or whatever is necessary to make our nation safer. And HURRY.

Source: Breitbart

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