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Illegal Students Just Made 13 INSANE Demands, And Taxpayers Are In Full MELTDOWN MODE!

Leftist professors have been teaching nothing but activism for the past 50+ years and it has finally come back to bite them in the abacus.

The Progressive preferred method of activism requires “demanding” something you don’t actually deserve, and enforcing said demands through legal proceedings, if necessary.

The seemingly endless demands students give to college administrations these days borders on the insane, and it has long since spiraled out of control.

And unsurprisingly, Ivy League schools – supposedly bastions of higher education but in reality the ultimate breeding grounds for radical Leftists – are front-and-center when it comes to such absurdity.

Columbia University has been subjected to some Social Justice Warrior-styled recompense, although it’s not yet clear that the Ivy League College opposes the action.

In fact, it’s more likely that Columbia applauds the action, simply because the students are illegal aliens!

The Daily Caller:

A group of illegal immigrants at Columbia University is demanding that school officials give them free health care.

The illegal immigrants also want the Ivy League school to institute compulsory ‘sensitivity training’ for professors and administrators.

The illegal immigrant group, called Undocumented Students Initiative (UndoCU for short), presented its list of 13 demands on Facebook last week.

Among its 13 demands, the group calls for ‘full reimbursement’ of health insurance fees for students who are illegal immigrants.

Currently, Columbia only reimburses illegal immigrant students for ‘portions of these fees,’ the document says.”


It was only last month that students at William and Mary College piled their Black Lives Matter demands upon the college president.

In that incident, the president actually said they were barking up the wrong tree, that “demanding” something was never a good way to begin a conversation.

But the big difference between Columbia and William and Mary is that while the BLM group was headline news last year and throughout the Obama years, they are no longer valuable to the Democrat Party.

Illegal aliens, however, are ultra-important to the Left as they look to steal as many elections as possible in the upcoming years. And so, illegals will continue to reap the benefits of taxpayer money.

As such, Columbia may gracefully bow to the demands of these “terractivists” (or terror-activists). And nobody will be surprised when they do.

Source:  The Daily Caller, Facebook

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