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BORDER WAR – Illegals Launch Desperate Attack On U.S….Look What These Lunatics Are Doing To Our Officers!

Assuming  you have a VERY good imagination, I want you to picture yourself crossing the border into Canada, illegally.

Got that?  Okay, you’ve made it through the difficult areas of brambles, woods, snow, rutting moose, grizzlies, wolves, mountain lions, and rabid beavers and you’re now heading toward a desolate stretch of ice-covered roadway, when suddenly, you spot a Mountie on his horse, and he’s galloping your way!

Quickly, you duck into the underbrush and hope he didn’t see you.  He stops down the road and turns.  He dismounts and walks slowly in your direction.  WHAT DO YOU DO?

A.  You stand and put your hands up in the air, giving yourself up to the mercy of Dudley Dooright

B.  You bolt and run back toward your home country

C.  You take out your knife and attempt to plunge it into the Mountie’s heart!

Obviously, you don’t pick “C”, right?  That is, unless (apparently) you hail from South and Central America.

How many of these murderous individuals must we tolerate? Far too many are still here after being slated for deportation, and the consequences are more than the American public can bear.

And our brave border patrol officers face this insanity on a daily basis now.


Three U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the San Diego Sector came under assault in separate incidents on Wednesday evening.  These attacks add to the already alarming increase in attacks.

Agents patrolling along State Route 905 in southern California attempted to stop a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday night.

The driver of the SUV failed to yield, and agents initiated a pursuit. Several other agents joined in to assist and activated their emergency lights and sirens, according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Mark Endicott.

At one point in the pursuit, the driver turned abruptly and struck one of the pursuing vehicles. The driver briefly stopped, but took off again and struck the agent’s vehicle a second time. Other responding agents stopped the fleeing vehicle a short time later.


Officials identified the driver only as an American citizen. The agents arrested the driver on charges of assaulting a federal officer, Endicott stated.

About an hour and a half later, an agent working near the International Boundary at Otay Mesa found a man hiding in the tall brush near the border. The agent approached the man who jumped from his hiding spot and confronted the agent with a knife in his hand. The agent quickly wrestled the knife away from the suspect and placed him in handcuffs.”

According to the reports, yet another incident occurred hours later where a man attacked two agents before being subdued and placed into custody.

These incidents are becoming more and more frequent, especially now with a more strident patrolling of the border under the Trump administration.

If we want to stop 14-year-olds from being raped in high school bathrooms, maybe we should start backing Trump and his team.  Despite it all, out-of-control radical liberals still continue to DEFEND these animals. No, seriously.

The worst part?

“According to the latest report, suspects assaulted Border Patrol Agents 413 times since the new fiscal year began on October 1.”

This represents an increase of 179% when compared to last year at the same time.  Border Patrol Agents are the most assaulted federal agents in law enforcement.

This issue should no longer be up for debate.

Source:  Breitbart

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