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WOW! Look What Happened To Illegals Just WEEKS After Trump Won The Election

We were always taught that instant gratification was a bad thing.

The teacher would lecture you that cheating on a test, or doing drugs, or drinking alcohol, were all forms of “taking the easy way out.”

Sometimes, however, instant gratification can be a good thing, especially when it’s combined with the stoppage of unwanted criminal activity in your own backyard.

When Donald Trump assumed the mantle of power in the White House, he immediately set to work on his promised agenda, which included everything from replacing Obamacare to donating his presidential salary.

Of course, one of his most hot-button issues was illegal immigration, for which he took so much heat during the campaign.

The Liberals can deny many things (even facts) but they can’t deny that illegals crossing the border are virtually disappearing. And when did this start? Well, not coincidentally, it all started in November.

The Washington Times:

“Sometime around November, word began to trickle back down the spine of Latin America: The U.S. was getting stricter about letting in Haitians at the border.

Not only had the Obama administration begun deporting Haitians after a six-year humanitarian pause, but President Trump also had just been elected, presaging an even tougher policy.

[For] tens of thousands of Haitians in Brazil, Chile and elsewhere in South America who had been planning to journey north, the news was devastating.

In a matter of weeks, the northward stream of people had dried up.

It is one of the biggest among a plethora of success stories from the southwestern border, where illegal immigration appears to have nearly dried up in the two months since Mr. Trump took office.”

This has prompted a 97% drop in the amount of people that have been spotted illegally crossing the border into the United States!

If nearly 300 sanctuary cities stopped breaking federal immigration laws, you could mimic this percentage. Plus, all that extra cash would pay for the border wall and then we’d be REALLY safe.

That’s how impressive this feat actually is and why Donald Trump should be prepared for one of the biggest economic booms of this century.

With the tide finally stemmed on these illegals, jobs will bounce back big time…and in a lot of ways, they already have bounced back. America is finally getting healthy!

Source: The Washington Times

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