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VIRAL VID: This Young Immigrant Ran Away From Her Muslim Husband, Now She Has 1 Message For America

The Islam religion is not friendly toward women.

We’ve seen countless examples of those who follow the Muslim faith doing horrific things to women, which is why Americans have every right to be wary.

After all, aren’t liberals constantly promoting equality among the sexes?

It’s one of the biggest hypocrisies of the Left, really: They’re perfectly willing to tolerate and even promote a religion that treats women like utter dog sh**. Maybe we needed one woman to stand up…

Milo Yiannopoulos was speaking at a university recently about the Trump movement and its effects on society when an Arab-American student stood up and uttered something unbelievable.

This young woman immigrated to America because she felt oppressed by a Muslim society that didn’t value her existence. Well, what do you know about that?

Conservative Tribune:

…a woman who escaped Islamic oppression in the Middle East laid bare the truth about what radical Islam can do to women like her — and why it can’t be brought to America.

The student, identified as Sarah, said that if liberals want to bring the Muslims she escaped from in the Middle East to America, ‘meet me in the next 15 minutes for an a**-kicking.’

‘What brought me here is that I found home in America,’ Sarah said. “And I would really hate it if the values that I — that made me find America as my home would be destroyed.

‘I’m with Trump campaign, I’m with the Republican campaign,’ said Sarah, who says she escaped from an arranged marriage three years ago.

‘Keep the people out of America that…would change America (from) what we love it for.’


Her Muslim husband told her she couldn’t go to college and guess what? Sarah’s in college now. That’s just one of many new freedoms and luxuries Sarah enjoys here in America, away from Islamic rule.

And when she was asked what Americans need to know about the realities of Islam, she grinned and said simply:

Become a hostage in Saudi Arabia, maybe that’ll teach you something.

Trump really ought to reach out to this young lady and make her an official ambassador to young women all over the country who have fallen for the Western world tripe about Muslims and feminism.

It would be really, really fun to watch Sarah bring down a Feminazi.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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