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Immigration From Muslim Countries Plummets Under Trump…Even Without The Travel Ban

Liberals may want to rethink their strategy of dealing with Trump and his “illegal” executive orders.

In the past, Obama executive orders were issued with nary a peep from Republicans because of their paralyzing fear of being labeled a racist by Leftist media.

That trend on the reverse side appears to be a complete non-sequitur because Lefties don’t give a damn about their reputations, as long as they can stand in the way of any Trump policy.

For instance, the Executive Order to eliminate travel from six terror-prone countries drew the ire of Progressives everywhere.

In response, they judge-shopped until they found the right ones and sued the White House over its implementation.

The only problem? It hasn’t really worked because immigration from those countries has fallen off dramatically.

Conservative Tribune:

“A report from CQ Roll Call has revealed that something incredible happened to immigrants from countries on the ‘banned’ list, despite judges blocking the travel restrictions:

Nearly half of them have stopped trying to enter the United States.


‘Even though President Donald Trump’s travel ban has run afoul of the courts, the number of visas issued to people from six majority-Muslim countries targeted by the executive order appears to be slowing down dramatically, stated Roll Call.

In other words, simply announcing the ban that is still being challenged was enough to dramatically cut down the number of visa applications from Islamic countries.

There’s a significant deterrent effect, whether from the travel ban or the administration’s rhetoric,’ Greg Chen, an immigration expert with American Immigration Lawyers Association, told Roll Call.”

The countries in question or Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Last year, an average of 4,454 visas per month were issued to travelers from those six countries.

This April there were only 2,013 visas issued. And of the 6,225 Syrian refugees to have come to the U.S. since Oct. 1, 2016, only 1,341 have come during Trump’s time in office.

What’s all this tell you? Yup, Trump is doing his job…even without the illegal-loving judges.

Maybe the President should hope Democrats try to block every law he wants implemented.  It appears his popularity is trumping their faux-outrage.

Source:  Conservative Tribune, CQ Roll Call

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