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Explosive Immigration War Erupts, Officers ARMING UP…Illegals Are Panicking!

Well, this is refreshing.

After years of Barack Obama-inspired and Democrat-fueled attacks on our nation’s borders, it’s nice to hear this latest action under President Donald Trump, regarding the Department of Homeland Security.

We are all sick and tired of reading horrendous reports concerning illegal immigrants. We’re all tired of insane Democrat ignorance and naivete that has crippled a country.

We’re tired of the outrageously slanted media spinning immigration stories to fit their obvious agendas. No, not just “spinning;” spewing FAKE NEWS is more accurate.

The illegal immigration fiasco is going to end with this administration, you can count on that. Our new president is a man of action and he’s not interested in your destructive political correct BS.

And now Trump and Co. is doing something about it: DHS is going on a hiring spree!

“Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John F. Kelly authorized the hiring of an additional 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and enforcement officers,” Breitbart reported. “In addition, Kelly authorized the agency to hire additional operational and mission support staff, along with legal staff.”

About damn time, right?

Seriously, this is a major, major step in the Trump-fueled push to close our borders to illegals. And it’s just something he promised on the campaign trail, by the way – so no doubt Democrats are going to start crying. They’re just not used to a politician keeping his or her promises.

And they’re certainly not used to the U.S. borders being closed to illegals.

Next up: the wall, which, by the way, will actually SAVE hard-working Americans BILLIONS of dollars.

But in the meantime, 10,000 additional immigration agents will be turning back illegals at the border will make great strides in keeping this country in the safe zone. And it’s not just the manpower; it’s the messaging.

Under Barack Obama, the message to migrants was: Come in. The border’s wide open and boy, have we got a taxpayer-funded entitlement plan for you.

Under Trump?

America welcomes migrants – America loves immigrants. But America only wants those immigrants who will play by the rules, and assimilate to U.S. culture, obey the laws, pay taxes and, once again, obey the laws.’

Source: Breitbart

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