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Insider Hits Democrats With MASSIVE Firestorm – You’re Going To DIE And Here’s Why!

Imagine for a moment:

What would the political landscape look like if the media had NOT been Leftist and State-controlled for all these decades?

Imagine what it would look like if every time a Liberal spoke, a Hollywood celebrity would get in front of a microphone and scream, “Get out there and let your voice be heard! Vote Republican! These hatemonger Democrats MUST BE DEFEATED!”

Now imagine that if the Leftists had inhabited the bodies of Democrats alone (instead of all news media, every celebrity, and Establishment Republicans) they would be fighting hard to regain what they had lost in the past.

They would be resisting the temptation to punch us in the mouth and would be attempting to argue with us based on fact and not opinion.

…in other words, they’d be the Democrat version of the Conservative.

Of course, we now know many things since the election of Donald Trump. One of those is the fact that the Left NEVER HAD A MAJORITY OPINION AND NEVER HAD A MONOPOLY ON TOLERANCE.

In fact, with the election of Trump, the whole world can see that tolerance is about the last thing on the minds of Democrats these days.


Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said, ‘the Democratic Party has not been in this bad shape since the 1920’s.

Reich said, ‘Right now, there is a disconnect, George, between a rather sclerotic Democratic apparatus which is in complete disarray. I mean the Democratic Party has not been in this bad shape since the 1920’s and a huge uprising at the grassroots, mostly against Trump. How can Tom Perez, can he actually utilize that, turn the Democratic Party from a vast fund-raising machine into a movement?

‘Hasn’t been done before very easily. you remember in the Vietnam war days, we had a huge uprising. but the Democratic Party had nothing to do with that.

The thing that worries me most of all, if you look at the problems inside the Democratic Party, they have a lot to do with the same sort of populist uprising we’re seeing across the country, including the Donald Trump campaign.‘”

This is quite amusing, too.

All this coming from a guy who, on the very friendly NPR Left, Right and Center (of course more aptly named by me, Left, Left, and Center Left) called President Trump “mentally unstable.” He’s also called our president a “thin-skinned narcissist, a tyrant, a sociopath, mentally ill, and a vindictive autocrat”.

And then Reich wonders why the Party of the Jackass is in the dumps.

Maybe if we didn’t have members of the media calling for President Trump’s death, and maybe if these entitled, elitist liberals could grasp the sheer hypocrisy of their “movement,” we could fix this country.

…nah. Pigs can’t fly. May as well let Trump take care of things.

Source: Breitbart

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