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LEAKED: Insider Exposes Obama’s DEADLIEST Failure – He BETRAYED Our Troops!

The rules of engagement are as follows:

Instructions given to soldiers must be carried out to the letter BEFORE they can engage the enemy.

In many instances, the rules of engagement can literally mean the difference between life and death, as any military member will tell you.

Now, the Barack Obama administration absolutely made mistakes that resulted in the deaths of U.S. troops. That much has been proven several times over, as his lax approach to battle cost America dearly.

But could the Butterfly Effect that killed 17 Navy Seals in one Taliban RPG attack have been initiated by Barack Obama?

Shockingly, according to Retired Air Force Captain Joni Marquez, the answer is absolutely “YES!”

Conservative Tribune:

“In August of 2011, a crash of a helicopter gunship in Afghanistan killed all 38 people on board, including 17 SEALs.

Known by the call sign ‘Extortion 17,’ the event resulted in the greatest loss of American military lives in a single incident during the war in Afghanistan.

Now, a retired Air Force officer is speaking out about Extortion 17.

Here is the timeline for the incidents as they occurred:

1. New Rules of Engagement were set up by the Obama administration to preclude American soldiers from engaging a known enemy combatant target until THE ENEMY HAS FIRED UPON AMERICAN FORCES!

2. Army Rangers engaged in a tense firefight with Taliban forces in Afghanistan on the ground call in supporting fire from assault helicopters.

3. One of the assault aircraft, an AC-130 “Spectre” gunship, engaged the Taliban insurgents, killing all but two of the enemy.

4. While these two combatants crawled away from the battlefield, Captain Marquez radioed command to inform them that two of the enemy were escaping and asked for permission to engage. Unbelievably, she was denied!

5. As these Taliban reached a village, they began knocking on doors and gathering other fighters. Marquez again asked to engage and was repeatedly denied.

6. A short time later, an RPG rocket struck the Extortion 17 mission aircraft and killed everyone on board.


‘If we would’ve been allowed to engage that night, we would’ve taken out those two men immediately,’ she stated.  ‘I mean, it’s just one of those things where you know that it could’ve all been prevented.’

Marquez points squarely to the rules of engagement that were put in place under Barack Obama.

‘Ridiculous rules of engagement that basically state that you can’t shoot until being shot upon,’ Marquez said.”

When the Commander-In-Chief stands in defiance of his own men and women and in defense of the enemy, in any other country, that’s called treason.

The Supreme Court has already said Barack violated the Constitution, which is also treason.

In how many ways did he betray America? It’s just absolutely terrifying, from top to bottom.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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