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GUILTY – IRS Scandal Engulfs Washington…Leaked Documents SEAL Obama’s Fate!

Good timing, right?

With millions of Americans focusing on taxes and the IRS this coming weekend, it’s a good time to remember the IRS has been used, or actually abused, in pursuing leftist political interests.

Let’s just say there’s a very good reason why Congress wants IRS boss John Koskinen to go away (too bad he won’t).

With the Obama administration out of the way, investigations are being pursued regarding allegations that Mr. Obama and his staff used the IRS to target conservative groups.

This can take the form of intensive audits as well as  delaying the applications for non-for-profit status.

Regardless of the method, it’s a criminal abuse of the powers of an agency that Americans are not all that crazy about in the first place.

It’s particularly distressing since liberals like Obama get to use taxpayer money to fund these abuses, while the organizations themselves must use donor funds, not to advance the purpose of the group, but to pay legal fees to defend themselves from political attacks.

Then you’ve got Ben Carson finding half a TRILLION dollars worth of fraud, and one has to wonder: What was Obama really doing in the Oval Office?

Judicial Watch is an incredibly valuable resource in uncovering government corruption. Here’s some recent news on the current subject.

“Last week we released 695 pages of new documents containing admissions by IRS officials that the agency used ‘inappropriate political labels’ to screen the tax-exempt applications of conservative organizations.

Other records reveal that the IRS was going to require 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations to restrict their alleged political activities if they opted for ‘expedited consideration’ of their tax-exempt applications.”

This only represents a small portion of the documents Judicial Watch has extracted through its Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. But here’s a potent revelation:

“In an August 9, 2013, memo, [Karen] Schiller [then-acting director, Exempt Organizations Rulings and Agreements] admitted the IRS used political labels in targeting the groups for special scrutiny and possible audit.

And to think we used to make jokes about the former Soviet Union using its government agencies to terrorize its  citizens who didn’t toe the party line.

Of course, we’re not accusing the IRS of the taking of innocent lives like its counterparts in the old Soviet Union did – just of making the lives of those on the wrong side of the political spectrum miserable.

None of this should come as a surprise.

Obama, Hillary – those on the left are, by definition, fans of a big, powerful central government. They have betrayed taxpayers time and time again.

Hence, we get this sort of abuse. But if you think this is a new revelation, I suggest you spend some time reading Thomas Jefferson.

Sources: Breitbart, Judicial Watch

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